Happy Dance!

  Little girl picking dandelions. 

After all of the drama of last week, my baby girl is starting dance camp. I am at a loss. I am the antithesis of a dance mom. 

A ponytail every day? I rely on her school teachers for any elaborate hairdos (and yes, I consider a ponytail elaborate). They typically hold beauty shop right after nap time. I always cross my fingers that it lasts through the night well enough that I do not have to redo anything in the morning. 

Is she supposed to wear tights or shorts with that leotard? Seems almost indecent to me.

And that damn pink ballet shoe? She has one. The other is MIA. I have torn this house apart and turned it all upside down. I am certain it will resurface somewhere obvious. Most likely after the last day of camp…

She has dreamed of this moment since birth. Seriously. She has even gone so far as acting out going to “dance class” every single day after school for months… practicing putting on her leotard and prancing about with her dance bag slung across her shoulder. I am grateful that it is not something dangerous she has her heart set on, like baseball…

I will admit that I am a teensy bit jealous, as I had grand dreams of becoming a prima ballerina myself as a young girl. 

Good luck, my little Bug. I love you!


114 thoughts on “Happy Dance!

  1. I suspect “dance moms” are in the minority, and your daughter will learn to do her own ponytail, or find others can do elaborate hairstyles.
    Dance recitals–at least the long, long, long ones (did I say long?) we sat through are deadly, but you do what you have to do. My daughters didn’t stick with dance, but I loved going to their madrigal concerts and seeing them in musicals and plays. Hopefully your daughter will have fun. That’s the important thing. And if you take her to lessons and rehearsals, it’s a good time to catch up.

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  2. I love it when kids are excited about a new activity. The little girl loves gymnastics and whenever she yells “I’m so excited’ though she forgets to put the e in there so I’m not even going to try to spell that out so it reads and sounds right. lol but I always get a chuckle about her enthusiasm.


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  3. Can I just be absolutely honest here? While in the throes of various kid-friendly physical activities some moments were grand, but both the kids and myself soon found them to be a chore. There always seemed to be something not quite right…too hot inside today, too cold outside tonight, too much rain, not enough sun, and the biggest one of all: too much practice for ________ (whatever the current event/class was. We had two stick with music through college, one stick with softball through mid-teens (and who now plays adult fun leagues just because) but I learned quickly to steer clear of announcing the next class line-up or make any suggestion about “how much fun gymnastics sounds.” It took me until the third kid to finally figure out they could find their passions without my help or suggestions, and they did.

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  4. Ah, dance camp! I danced for ages, and how my parents managed, I do not know! lol All my girls danced for a time, and recitals took two days of our life, no exceptions! None of them loved it like I did, thank tacos, lol!
    But I did love it, and stuck with it for a long, long time. Something tells me your daughter will love it, as when my mother took tiny me to gymnastics, all I wanted to do was twirl and leap πŸ˜‰

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  5. Our daughter did dance for several years. Wait until you have to buy all those outfits. As far as hair goes…

    My wife worked the dawn patrol at a local bakery. Guess who had to get our daughter ready every day. I bought a book and learned about herringbone braids and all the rest. It didn’t kill me, and she looked good every day.

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  6. I had to laugh at your first sentence. I thought I had managed not to be any kind of dance/soccer/baseball etc. mom, until my youngest got into lacrosse and tennis in high school. All of a sudden, I was one of those hated sports mommies driving frantically to practices and games and hanging out with other sports mommies.

    But in the long run, it was fun.

    Take lots of videos of your little one learning to dance – you’ll want to show them to her when she becomes an adult.

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  7. My daughter did ballet, jazz and tap from age 4 to 7. She only did it for the makeup and costumes used at recital (get ready for the big $$$). She admits that. Interesting thing, though , even for just a few years, there is muscle memory. She took a ballet class as an adult, and they quickly recognized that she’d done this before. One positive !! Enjoy it while it lasts, Doc. ❀️
    p.s. The pic is adorable…love that. ☺

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  8. I have one granddaughter who took dance classes at age three. At the recitals, the little girls looked adorable but, as one father put it, their performance resembled a soccer match—i.e., they were all over the place. Dance only lasted about a year. Now she’s almost 13 and a couple of years ago found archery is her thing. She’s going to the national indoor championships next month, so you never know what they’ll love. My other 13-year-old granddaughter has been in dance since she was three too and was chosen last year to attend a summer dance camp by the Joffrey Ballet. She loves it. My daughter-in-law is definitely not a “dance mom” like those horrible women on TV, and neither are her friends. It should be all about the kids having fun without the pressure of being perfect. I’m sure your little cutie will have a ball!

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  9. I was like your daughter. I wanted to dance in the worse way…ballet, en pointe. I used to take my mothers ballet (not-really they were house slippers for her) slippers and stuff the toes and dance on them. I had my own barre installed in the basement. But I got mocked continually by my family because of my size. I was five years old when they got me a pink tutu…called it a four four. When I was eight, I finally went to a dance class. I was so proud of myself. I was the biggest girl, not just in width but in height. Fortunately there were two other older larger girls so we formed our own corps. I danced in the recital with all my vigor and pride. Then I overheard someone ask my mother how embarrassed she was….. I never danced again ….until college. I took a dance class for two years for gym credit. My best friend and I partnered and we both got A’s for the class. The teacher was a large woman herself.
    Dance like no one is watching……

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  10. In the rush of dance you can get a sense of freedom that no one can explain. You are vulnerable and untouchable at the same time. As long as your body carries you, you can go on. You learn to take care of yourself.

    I used to be in a B-Boy crew. A good training could physically wreck you. It was worth the effort…

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  11. That’s awesome. I do share John’s question about hey, why not baseball? Toss the ball about, you know. Rotator cuffs, well, there’s always that nifty Tommy John surgery. You know he pitched for 26 years? Chewing tobacco has been outlawed in the bigs now.

    My one girl dances… and loves it. I’m suddenly a dance dad, and loving it.

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      • What’s elite baseball? I have to profess, I’m a total baseball nut. I’ve never been hurt badly in it though, other than the time I got beaned in the face and my teeth were sticking throw my check. That kind of hurt.

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      • That isn’t hurt badly! Teeth through the cheek would qualify for hurt badly!!!!! Elite baseball. That deserves its own post. Supposedly they are the better kids. But the fees are super high and you have to pay for extra lessons on the side. Tons and tons of games. I have seen entire families run into the ground over it. Takes the fun away.


  12. Dancers Are born, not made. Some people just have the natural talent and drive to dance, the rest of us look like fools and should be removed from the dance floor like a boozy aunt or uncle.

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  13. So sweet! May she dance through her whole life! With regard to the hair…my daughter liked hers long, so I got a book that showed me different kinds of braids, and I learned how to do them – after a while it got to be second nature. On our last vacation together, my daughter, now 30, had me braid her hair again!

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  14. Oh, my, the bit about the hair is so spot on! I count myself lucky if my wild-haired three year old girl will sit still long enough to let me brush her hair, so I’m ecstatic when she comes home in braids from school. I can’t wait to get her started in dance (it may be a while – hubby just finished his first year in med school)!

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  16. Enjoy the sweetness, as I know you will! And your new mantra, “I’m a dance mom, I’m a dance mom,..” Fave line -> “I am grateful that it is not something dangerous she has her heart set on, like baseball…” I’m a baseball mom, I’m a baseball mom… πŸ˜€ Happy 4th!

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