The Blues


I have a thing for the color blue. 

I love all shades of blue: powder, aquamarine, turquoise, cobalt, electric, midnight, azure, royal, Prussian, sky, ice, baby, Tiffany’s, ultramarine, indigo, navy, steel, slate, cerulean…

Those colors all sound so sexy, so alive to me!

There is a passage in one of Oliver Sacks’ books where he describes the fantastic indigo blue he experienced during an acid trip in his younger years. I don’t personally know anything about acid trips (scout’s honor) but I love, love, love blue. The way he speaks about the color… I feel that when I see blue.

My absolute favorite shade is a deep, rich cobalt, like what you see in the stained glass here from Rouen Cathedral in France. It is also the color of the sky just before sunlight peeks up over the horizon. Seeing it makes me tingle all over. It makes me happy, gives me joy. 

I think I want to redo the windows in my office….

Are there colors you feel the same way about? What are they? 


143 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. I love those blues, too. The colors in the photo are so vibrant.
    Our bedroom is a bright blue–actually it wasn’t planned, but now all of the bedrooms are shades of blue, but the downstairs rooms and hallways are warm colors (yellow in kitchen and living room, red for dining room), and the bathroom is a combination of black and white tiles with bright blue accent tiles and yellow walls. It just sort of happened. 🙂

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  2. My favorite is the color green, it is for me the scent of early morning when the dew makes the grass and leaves sparkle, it is the foundation for every flower and plant. It is a calming, restful color and easy on the eyes. It is also the color of money :o)…….

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  4. It is a combination of colors that makes me happiest. When the Olympics were in Los Angeles, the Decorating Committee had an awful phrase describing it: “Festive Federalism”: lavender, turquoise, slate blue, sage green, cream, peach or tangerine (for me, not so much the latter two).

    But I love different blues in glass, as well as pale pinks.

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      • I own a small stained glass panel that looks like a Mondrian, with clear, cobalt, and red shapes. Very nice. (to me)

        I also have a small traditional one which imitates a Tiffany scene of a pastoral hillside. So peaceful with the different greens blending.

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  5. Ah yes. Shades of blue. I cannot say if I have a favorite now that I think of it. I wear it every chance I get, it makes me feel comfortable and vibrant. Some have asked me if it’s because I feel depressed at the time. It’s far from depressing! For over 14 years I have had my hair dyed blue, weaved in blue or braided with beautiful strands of blue. It’s the color of royalty is it not? Sure feels that way.

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