I want you to remember:

Your flesh forever seared by my touch.

Your heart burnt black, irrevocably.

Lost, because I will it.


72 thoughts on “Febrile

  1. I had to look up the word “febrile” and found the meaning “feverish” which reminds me of a few things. It can either be a rush of emotion taking over or linked to black gal, yellow gal, blood and slime as Hippocrates once wrote.

    The slower you read the poem the more it seems to reveal. I stop here because I know nothing…

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  2. Vedy interestinck. Is that bird poop on that ? tomb? Wait. What does it say on it? Aged 55 years? The bird poop adds to your dark words like icing on the cake of death. I’d think there would be one of those corporate dudes locked in there, but they haven’t been around for 50 years. Still the sentiment fits.

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  3. Hey Victo,

    Powerful. Viscerally affecting. Dense with loathing. A tomb of distilled hate.

    St. Andrew’s Cemetery in Glencoe, or Oakland Cemetery on Longwoods Road, St. Andrew’s?


    DN – 04/07/2015

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    • Thank you! No to both of those. The tour group was going to St. Andrews golf course in Scotland. I decided to wander the town instead. This was something I ran into somewhere there. It was not at the Abby ruins I don’t think, it was somewhere else, but I cannot tell you exactly where. It was years ago.

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      • Thank you. I hope quaint St. Andrew’s inspired…it has a unique charm ๐Ÿ™‚

        The darkly allure of your poem leaves a reader chilled, emotions rubbed raw and precariously enfolded within concealed mystery. Compelling.


        DN – 04/07/2015

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