Why is it that you and your kids do not have to poop in the middle of the night EVER until you are visiting someone out of town and get put up in the camper in their driveway with strict instructions NOT to poop in the camper toilet?!?!??!

Nothing to do but laugh.

Happy Fourth of July!


70 thoughts on “Inevitable 

  1. My feeling is..if they tell you not to use the camper and they lock their doors then all bets are off. That’ll teach them. Of course you’ll have to find somewhere else to go next year but you have time to figure that out…:) Happy Fourth!

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  2. Probably the same reason why our foster kids don’t have to poop until they’re visiting their bio parents where there’s no easily accessible bathroom. And come to think of it, probably the same reason why the toilet only gets clogged with a giant poop when we have visitors at our house.

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  3. Sometimes our brains don’t process the word NOT or DON’T in instructions. So it would be better to say: if you have to poop, come into the house and use the bathroom IN THE HOUSE. I think it’s a neurolinguistic programing thing. And then you could add that there are spiders living in the camper toilet…… But that might create other problems.

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  4. In the context of Independence Day you have the freedom to call you poop “shit” loud and proud.

    What is the difference between “poop” and “shit”? Both are faeces but “poop” pretends to be cute while “shit” does not give a shit.

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