Heart Failure


Drowning in tears

You cannot cry,

Gasping for air

You will not find

I will teach you 

And all you love

With icy fingers

Wrapped ever tight

That in my grasp

Even your own heart

Will betray you

In the end…


78 thoughts on “Heart Failure

    • I have been thinking of late how so many diseases are metaphors for life. The one last week, Febrile, started me thinking about along those lines so I am going work on a few of these and post them here and there.

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  1. Rat bastard heart – can’t trust anyone or anything anymore. Ha! Well written Victo. It hadn’t occurred to me until now, but doctors see a lot of pain. don’t they? Both physical and emotional. In fact it is a rule of thumb that anyone with 10,000 hours of experience in a topic or field, is considered an expert. That would make many doctors experts in pain. Who better to write/express/interpret pain than the expert?

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  2. You nailed it. πŸ™‚

    Received word this morning that a former colleague passed away suddenly – a fatal heart attack. Totally unexpected – seemed in good health, and she was only 60.

    You never know, do you? Enjoy the good days, right? πŸ™‚

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      • I blog almost exclusively from my smart phone which means if I am standing in the line at the grocery store or my staff is running behind on getting patients back, I can answer comments and read other’s posts. I have a housekeeper that does most of the mundane chores around the house once a week. My best writing comes at night when I cannot sleep (or this week when I have been woken up at 2-3AM by the answering service…. As for being maudlin? All the time. Anything else is just an act! πŸ˜‰


      • Understood. You are definitely a great blogger, putting out such great stuff and taking the time to read other peoples’ posts. Quite an inspiration really. I wish I were a good blogger but alas, my dedication is questionable.

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      • Thank you! You are a very good blogger yourself. I think rules are stupid. No one has to read other blogs or comment or any of that other crap to be a great blogger. Your writing is consistently good which is really all that matters. πŸ™‚


      • Thank you for that Victo. I’m not sure I agree, as I have a puny audience, but I appreciate the words. I always feel that I have a great audience, and the fact that people read my walls of words is what matters to me. Thanks again.

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  3. argh. gripping. as a nurse, i’ve witnessed first hand the suffocating and drowning of CHF. it’s a tumultuous cycle.. for example, wet lungs, need IV diuretics, then constantly getting up to the bathroom, but if their lungs are full they can’t get up without gasping for air…

    those last 3 lines- so poignant. packs a brutal, honest punch. well written!

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      • I’m not going to like that comment. I’m having my heart stomped on again, with the on/off important relationship I have that has turned so dysfunctional. I severely hate people. Except the nice ones. You saw what Rob did over on his blog. Sigh. Just when I had a good GRRRR on. I wish I could rip my heart out myself and never deal with it again.

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      • I am going to do a post on that soon, the whole knowing that something isn’t good for us but choosing it anyway thing. Gah! Bless Rob for doing something so sweet. πŸ™‚ Great big ((Hugs)) for you.

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