Paging Doctor Victo!

Chicago 017

In celebration of having completed yet another week of call at 7AM this morning, I present for you a short list of the times that I am at increased risk of getting paged:

1. If one of my kids has pooped, vomited, bled, or urinated on the floor. If a carpet is involved, the likelihood goes up ten fold.

2. While I am cooking dinner. It does not matter if I am heating up left over pizza or cooking a three course master piece. 

3. While we are eating dinner, particularly if there is no other adult present.

4. If the kids are screaming bloody murder and beating the crap out of each other.

5. If I am running late for an important meeting.

6. Grocery shopping.

7. While washing my hair.

8. When I am in the midst of a huge poo. You just cannot stop in the middle of something like that.

9. While driving in heavy traffic.

10. Between the hours of 12:30 and 3:00 AM. Those two and a half hours are a bitch. 

Have a good week, everyone! 


91 thoughts on “Paging Doctor Victo!

  1. Well, I can’t relate personally beyond Murphy’s Law, per se, but it does sorta remind me of when my husband was military and he’d be called into work. While we were an hour away from post, having a good time was also quite popular!

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  2. Doc, you have gotta write a book. Did you ever read the View from the Vue by Larry Karp? If not, you MUST, MUST, MUST read. Loved it… I can see you writing something similar. Great post – made me laugh, you poor thing! xx MH

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  3. Yes, indeedy. It never failed. I would just get in my car and take off (to the store, to the clinic, to the hospital, to wherever), and I’d get paged. I didn’t want to talk with parents while driving–too distracting–so I’d have to pull over. Made for some very long, short-distance trips.

    Congrats on finishing a call week! I know how delicious and liberating that feels!

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  4. I took night call for a couple of months with the Visiting Nurse Association and I used to hope no one would call. People don’t realize how hard it is to assess someone over the phone especially when you have never seen the patient before. Then I had to decide if I needed to go see them. It is a thrill trying to find someone’s house out in country in the dark too. I was so glad I had a car phone in case I got lost. πŸ™‚

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      • Yours is hard too. A lot of responsibility. My job was like that when I was on night call. Sometimes I would feel I need to call the patient’s MD to confer or I even called the ER one time to get their opinion too. But when I was a Visiting Nurse I did have to make the decisions too. I couldn’t call people all the time. So I know what it is like to call the shots and take it on.

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  5. How about when you have friends over or when you are at friends for dinner or on a date night? Or did you stop that because of being paged all the time? I always thought that doctors are heroes but reading what you go through… It makes me think it even more.

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  6. Oh, how I remember days like that albeit they were in a different setting. I might not have had to be on call, but there was always work to be done at home before the next work day. So glad I’m retired now. Hang in there doc, life will change for the better one day. Hugs, N πŸ™‚ ❀

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  7. “the kids are screaming bloody murder and beating the crap out of each other.” That’s so real, so human! I hope you can take a few minutes to breathe before you take a call. This is one more thing to add to my gratitude list: I don’t have to be on call. Someday, you will be able to say that too! Until then, that sense of humor is a necessity!

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    • If you have more than one kid, the beating the crap out of each other is inevitable. Sometimes that also results in blood on the floor and THEN, a page is guaranteed! As long as they don’t kill each other before I can intervene… πŸ™‚

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  8. So true. My number one worst on call scenario – The ER doc calls you at 6:30 am for a patient that has been in the ER for 6 hours. You are suppose to get off shift at 7 am and you’ve been up all night delivering babies and running to the ER. You’re so tired that you could vomit and the next doctor on call is an ass who believes that you can and should safely cover that 6:30 am surgery. I don’t miss it, I really don’t miss it.
    btw – definitely finish all pooping before answering the phone. Just saying.

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