In Her Dreams…


“Mommy, when is Daddy going to die?” There was not an ounce of fear or sadness in her voice.

“Uh, why do you ask, sweetie?”

“Because then you can marry a king like Roland and I could be like Princess Sophia.”


“She has lots of tiaras…”

I found out yesterday that mine is not the only little girl with patricide fantasies because of that stupid Disney cartoon. 

Truthfully, I am a bit relieved.


64 thoughts on “In Her Dreams…

  1. Don’t kids say the most amazing things! I remember when my son was 5 or 6, right after his Grandfather died. He asked me how Pop-pops would recognize him in heaven because he would probably be old when he got there. I had to think on that one. Finally said his Grandfather was watching over him and would know what he looked like

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  2. Kids do say cool stuff. In Aust we have a biscuit made from oats and golden syrup. They are called Anzac biscuit because they keep well and were sent to our soldiers in food parcels. So one year my daughter said that to celebrate ANZAC day she thought we should make some Anzac Biscuits and then go and shoot our enemies.

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  3. Disney’s attempts at creating and recreating harmless fairy tales sometimes end up like the original fairy tales: grim.

    Maybe you should introduce the little girl to Star Wars and Darth Vader now, since they are part of the Disney fairy tale universe. If the girl wants a light saber blame Disney…

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