Requiem For a Carbuncle

 Black amd white small flowers and buds. 
With awful 
Purulent offal
Fester was filled
Spurting forth
From bowels
Oder most Foul


And creamy pus
Mingled there
A pocket of

Sterile room

Lanced, drained
None remained
Fester had met
His demise

A few days ago, John Callaghan wrote a side splitting post about his own sebaceous cyst, Fester (please, please check out his post here). That sucker is slated for removal 7/29. He suggested yesterday that I should write a poem about that cyst, so here it is. 


83 thoughts on “Requiem For a Carbuncle

  1. I’m a clinical medical assistant in dermatology for 16+ yrs. Love melanoma, non MM skin CA excisions, lipoma, epidermal & pilar cyst excisions. But Ewww,,, the I &D (incision & drainage) the odor & sometimes flying pus, & then packing!? I still assist, but YUCK!

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  2. That was hilarious! And oh, so gross! Once my grandma had one of those on her arm and it looked like a third boob! And every time she went to the doctor, I’d ask what he said, and she said she never mentioned it to him — that it was big enough for him to see so if he didn’t bring it up, it must be okay! How GROSS was that thing do ya think? Finally, thankfully, I went with her once and brought it up, and wouldn’t you know, the apparently blind doctor was shocked and sent her for surgery that day. LOL! EWW!

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  3. Oh god, such amazing memories of incising the random dental abscess in our surgery practice. I can only say, that as an assistant, we often felt the need to pull rank and usurp the lower assistants just to be able to take part in the surgery. Why does no one understand the appeal of squirting, greenish-gray pus?

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  4. Skin volcanoes that form in the pores create disgusting islands. Their colours remind you of flesh, fluids and decay. How our skin is witness to many formations…

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  5. Out out damn cyst! I had a carbuncle once, on the top part of the inside of my thigh! It was evil, my Dr was delighted and kept me waiting for it to ‘Mature’ . I had to treat it with a yellow paste to draw it out. ( magnizium if I recall correctly) Then when he daned it ripe he cut it, then squeezed it out no warning no anaesthetic!! Shit it hurt it then needed cleaning, packing and dressing every day for just over a month… Happy days!!
    Great poem bad memories πŸ™‚ xx

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  6. You know what’s really gross? A uterus full of Pus. Literally. Actually, let me clarify: A necrotic fibroid uterus full of pus. Did I mention I love the OR? Nevermind… I do love your pus poem, and that is not a lie!!!

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  7. Reblogged this on Get Off My Lawn and commented:
    I didn’t get a chance to reblog Victo Dolore’s stirring tribute to Fester yesterday so here it is today. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to check out her blog, a favourite spot of mine here on WordPress. And who knows, if you ask nicely maybe she’ll write a poem for your carbuncle.

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