“Hey, Doc, you have really nice boobs!” She smiled at me brightly from the exam table. “Oh, and that necklace is great, too.”

I was left utterly speechless. 

The awkward pause hung out there like a pair of sequined nipple tassels. What do you say after something like that?

“Well, thank you.”

I have had patients say a lot of odd things to me over the years but no one had specifically and directly commented on my boobs before.

“You know, I had mine done years ago. My daughter just had her second pair put in. I find that I really pay attention to the appearance of breasts nowadays.”

It feels weird to say that I was flattered, but I was. She was trying to make a genuine compliment.

“Well, tell me some more about that abdominal pain of yours. Is it constant or does it come and go?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her the boobs were real, though. Thanks to the help of a nice push up bra, the fantasy is much better than the reality…


128 thoughts on “Noticed…

  1. It still amazes me just how forward folks can be…it’s like they think their physician is part of the family…a trusted sister, or something. At least she was complimentary, and at least it was a female in this case. I bet you could think of numerous replies had it been a male patient πŸ˜‰

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  2. As much as I would be taken aback by this too since it was in a professional setting (as opposed to a personal setting, in which this wouldn’t phase me at all), part of me completely understands where she was coming from when she made that comment…… I’ve noticed that I always notice in other people what I don’t feel confident about with myself. For instance, SKIN. I struggled with acne throughout my teenage years, and now in my thirties, I actually still have occasional acne. So I frequently tell people that they have nice skin (if they in fact have nice skin) because my troubled skin was such a big deal to me for so long. I’ve never noticed boobs just because I’ve never had an issue with my boobs. So I get it!

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  3. Too funny…. I guess if we equate our bodies as the house/temple of the soul, it is nice to have good looking doorknobs…..lololo
    Nipple tassels, where do you get this stuff from??? I think there is more to you than you admit, Girlie!

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    • I will admit to owning a pair of tassels. They were a gift. I have never actually worn them, however. It was an awkward moment. They came from Agent Provocateur so they are too expensive to just throw away. Still. When I die my kids are really going to wonder about me…

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  4. For sure the woman paid attention to breasts where ever she went. To each his/her own. It really isn’t a sexual comment unless there is an ulterior motive. In this case there wasn’t. It was unusual but not derogatory in any way. Ha! I worked for years in a huge warehouse and we had battles with our floor. When you run heavy forklifts and pallets of freight over a floor thousands of times- all sorts of issues pop up. It is a full time job (not mine, thank God) to maintain a warehouse floor properly. We had to inject special hydraulic liquid under the floor through holes drilled to balance slabs of concrete (so the edges didn’t get broken and slabs didn’t tilt) and fill cracks and chips with epoxy and clean. wash and seal sections weekly, etc. The list of maintenance jobs is huge and the end result is a cleaner safer, lower repair cost environment with less illness and lower absenteeism., lower equipment maintenance, higher morale, etc. Big,. big the workplace. I was interviewing for a manager job in Vancouver and walking through the Distribution Center with the interviewers and I was amazed by their floors – I made exactly that comment – “Amazing Floors” and they looked at me like I was nuts. It was obvious they were not the experts at distribution they said they were. I didn’t explain – no use. But someone loved those floors and it showed. Just as your patient loved her breats. πŸ˜€

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  5. I just can’t imagine saying anything of the like to my doc. Well especially since he’s male but you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ I’m almost speechless.

    I’d be interested in hearing more of the crazy things you hear from patients.

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  6. Mine are big and real, too but sadly the push up bra has found its way to collecting dust in the corner with the thongs panties and stilettos. Just would be ridiculous at 56. And yes, I think many of those housewives look ridiculous. There are other more appropriate ways to be gorgeous after 50.

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  7. I sincerely appreciate a nice rack, as much as any other attractive feature on humans. I cannot say I would compliment anyone in such a way at their job. Strippers, maybe? I dunno. Weird. At least she said a nice thing, lol. Is that harassment? I’m thinking about my gynecologist at Planned Parenthood when I was 20. Should I have told her she had a beautifully freckled clavicle? I’m thinkin NO. How about the ER doctor who cut the ring from Moo’s hand? Should I have mentioned that his chin seemed thoroughly biteable? Likely not.
    I…I’ll be pondering this for a while, I think.

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    • It does beg the question what is appropriate. I can think of a ton of patients that I would not want to hear a comment about my boobs from. But if my friends made the comment, I certainly wouldn’t mind. It wasn’t intended as sexual and probably that is the key.

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  8. Hooray for having nice boobs! i live in LA so the boob conversation and “who did your breasts?” question is pretty common, but unfortunately i’ve never received such a comment/compliment from a patient (too much competition in these parts & having never had a boob job, my real ones pale in comparison :/ )

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      • And the only time I felt like i wanted to comment on breasts was when I saw a lady in a restaurant actually arch her back and plop them on the table so she could lean forward. For the record, she was no ageing matron and this was in the pre-silicone era.

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      • hbhatnagar: Your story reminds me of a long ago visit to a friend’s place. He and his wife had invited myself and my girlfriend as well as another couple from a very rural area with a heavy brogue. The other couple was very nervous as our hoists had set a fancy table with multiple knives,. forks, spoons as well as all the fancy dishes and table cloth. Not sure why they did this, but it was Thanksgiving if I recall correctly. Anyway, the other woman was very short and well endowed =- about 4′ 8″ with a natural size D . At one point she leaned over the table to reach for a dish and her breasts sat down on the table. Her boyfriend was mortified and said sharply:

        “Mavis, git yer tits off the table!”

        And she replied:

        ” David, they’s my tits and I’ll bloody well put them where I wants!”


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  9. Haha, that’s pretty good!
    On a more personal note, I’ve made my blog private and I tried to invite you to view it, but I can’t seem to get your username right – is it different than VictoDolore?

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  10. I suppose keeping a good bedside manner requires you to be prepared for just about anything. πŸ™‚
    But it could have been more awkward. A friend of my wife’s got “enhancements” and was so proud of them that she was insistent about showing them to her friends, as one might show off an engagement ring. Now that was awkward. πŸ™‚

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    • I have had more than one patient do that and then beg me to feel how real they feel. Weirds me out, really. There is the clinical side which allows me some detachment so I can so the job but asking me to feel your boobs like a girlfriend? Very awkward.

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  11. “…fantasy is much better than the reality…”

    Boy, ain’t that the truth? It’s all the truth you’ll ever need to navigate the planet. Perhaps, no more so, than when it comes comes to boobs. Christ, I hate that word. Boobs. Can’t believe I used it.

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  12. LOL. When I lived in Nashville, it seemed like 3/4ths of the women I knew had (what’s the PC term for boob jobs?)… They seemed to make that kind of compliment. One entire office had theirs done… They frequently commented to each other “Your boobs look great today!”
    It’s become a strange world, huh? Hugs! πŸ˜€

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  13. I am very well-endowed. It is amazing how many comments I get about my boobs on a regular basis. I have come to realize that most of the time people are just trying to be nice. I will say, though, that my best friend greets me half the time with “Hello! Your boobs look fabulous today!”, and from her, I love it!

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  15. Isn’t that the point of most bras? To make the fantasy better than the reality (after a certain age at least; my “age” was probably 25 LOL)

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  16. It does sound a bit forward, complimenting something so … so personal. But people feel comfortable with their doctors, tend to give TMI in some cases, I think. In this context, I guess you did her a great service not only by saying thank you, but also by not admitting your pair were real. I want to believe she wouldn’t ‘compliment’ random strangers πŸ™‚

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