“Hey, Doc! We’re selling our house. I brought you a flyer in case you are interested.”

He handed me the glossy print out.

Gorgeous photos. Loved the kitchen. The backyard brick oven and pool were a dream come true. That tub in the master bathroom? I could have one hell of a bubble bath in that thing. MmmmHmmm. Yessiree.

I flipped it over to check the price.


I could not help laughing. Many people have a very warped sense of how much money I make as a physician. I do well, but not three-quarters of a million dollars worth of home well. Not even close. Sigh.

The property taxes alone made me shudder.

“That is way, way too expensive for my tastes, sir.”

“You sure?” He still sounded hopeful.

“I’m sure.” 

I handed the flyer back to him and we went on to discuss his rectal bleeding…


79 thoughts on “Dreamy

  1. I can relate to that! People just assume you’re filthy rich just because you’re a doc…..If I had a rupee for every person who thought that, I’d be able to buy that house with the pool and add a Jacuzzi!

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  2. Ummm, maybe it’s different here in Canada but in Ottawa $790k is not a real ,expensive house. Mostly it is the property here. That price in the desirable areas of town buys about the same house $350K buys in the suburbs. It is certainly never in my future but is sellable here. Two professionals pulling down $100k each would be $200k gross or about $120k net. Most say 30% is a reasonable figure for housing which would be $36k per year or $3k permonth. If you have $120K equity and borrow $670K on a 25 year mortgage at the current rate of 2,69% then the payments are only $3,070.

    “According to the Vancouver real Estate Board, last month the average detached home in Greater Vancouver was $790,992.” – http://www.thestar.com/business/personal_finance/2010/10/15/how_can_i_afford_a_790000_house.html

    I hope your patient feels better Victo (and sells his house).

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  3. The law firm I work for does lots of real estate deals with doctors. It’s not unusual for them to buy houses in this area for upwards of $700,000, sometimes over $1,000,000. But I’m pretty sure they’re specialists (like neurosurgeons) who have risen to the very top of their fields. Most family practitioners are buying houses not much more expensive than mine.

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  4. Sounds like a 3 bedroom in Seattle… Moving to middle America never sounded so good since living here and nearly having a heart attack every time I look at the price of a “charming little Craftsman with views of the Olympics”…

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  5. Location,Location,Location. Real estate values/property taxes make no sense to me. We have purchased homes in 5 different states now…each time was a unique experience. Sometimes we sold a house for a price that we could not qualify to buy back from ourselves. Bizarre.

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  6. You have such a great sense of humor LOL….
    House poor will make anyone bleed from the rectum.
    I wonder if he is wants to buy one of those new Little Houses that is all the rage now, some of them are only 700 sq. ft. It might put a stop to that bleeding. :o)
    Keep them coming, I so enjoy your blog.

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