Clouds from an airplane 

“Mommy? Is this water or spit?” She scrunched up her face as I scrubbed her grimy cheek with the damp napkin.

“What?” I tried to sound innocent.

“I said,” she squinted as I moved to her other cheek, “Is this water or spit?”

I sighed then moved to her chin.


“Ok.” I polished off her forehead quickly. “Spit.”



99 thoughts on “Scrubbed

  1. Your little one is going to keep you on your toes…… lollol MOOOOMMMMmmmmm!” Too funny. My mother used to take a dish rag used on the dirty dishes, wipe the counter and then any face that was near by. I remember the smell to this day. I never use a dish rag or wash cloth because of it. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Would they rather you washed them like a mommy dog or cat, without the napkin? Pretending to come at them like that could be fun. “Slurp, slurp. Just kidding.” You’ve surfaced my inner playful child, trying to suppress the memory of my mother coming at me with a spitty napkin. It could be worse.

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