When I check into a swanky hotel, I find myself standing in the middle of my assigned room, wondering…

Where exactly have naked bodies been?

Who? And what? And why?

Were they married, on a getaway from the kids for an anniversary? A rondevous of lovers, enjoying a few stolen moments away from reality? A wedding night, full of anticipation?

And I will spend the night haunted by those ghosts….


94 thoughts on “Undressed

  1. I don’t often go there in swanky hotels; it is the cheap ones that concern me. That and the bedbug infestation that has run amok. (Cincinnati at one time was a leader in bed bugs, something the City didn’t really advertise…)

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  2. When possible always take your own pillow….whoever suggested bedding is a genius and that’s a great idea. The only thing ickier than this was when my coworker coughed up a stone that she gets in the holes in her tonsils this morning and then smelled it. Two gross things today….at least I never travel.

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  3. LOL! I once had to watch someone go over a hotel room with a black light to show us all the DNA left behind even after a thorough cleaning. It has forever tainted my romantic dreams. When I am in a hotel room, I just try my darndest not to think at all. 😉

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  4. Naked bodies and ghosts, I would at least hope that the dead would have made their passing over the Styx. If not complain to Hades that naked ghosts are swirling around like shameless exhibitionists as if a Dionysus was holding a party again.

    You could join them but prepare for awkwardness.

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  5. I used to sleep on top of the covers with my clothes on. When I was travelling with m,y tractor=trailer, i would just use the bedding from my bunk.on the hotel bed(for extended lay overs it was cheaper to rent hotel room than to run the truck engine for A/C or heat.

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  6. Omg, I hope not what about the Adulterous couples, or the one nighters just met and drunk waking up full of guilt and regret, or the disastrous break ups? I think I better stop before I put you right off! ….. Me cynical.. Never! 😉

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  7. Bed bugs and worse and more common, fleas. I went to this “fishing camp” once with my first husband, walked in and fortunately did not set anything down. I felt something itch and looked. My legs were covered in fleas.
    I never sleep in the bed when we go on vacation, which is over a week. I bring my own bedding. This next week we are going to our favorite place which has lousy mattresses and with my PsA I do not sleep. I am bringing my own foam mattress and a very padded mattress pad and then my own bedding. Its worth it to be able to sleep well.
    But the couch and chair thing someone mentioned….. OMG now I will cover with towels. lololo

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  8. It’s never the previously naked guests that freak me out: it’s the fear of peepholes. I always check for those to assure myself no one is spying on my naked body.

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  9. Interesting. I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem staying in hotels, so long as they look and smell clean. I do avoid the low-end, pay-by-the-hour type places, though. I have a certain mid-range chain that I prefer, and I can’t say I’ve ever had a cleanliness issue with the rooms. But then, maybe I’m just a slob at heart.

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      • Bwahahaha! I wouldn’t worry too much about other naked patooties. You’re a doctor, you know how this works. We share so much in this world on a microbial level that it blows the mind. If you do the math you realize that every time we take a breath we breath in three molecules of air that Napoleon breathed. As far as those who are still alive and have inhabited the same room – millions or more of their biota transfer to us every time we breath, touch a door knob, use the phone, touch money or even walk on the floor. And you know that by the numbers only about 10% of the cells in our body are human – with our DNA – the other 90% are symbiotic or invasive organisms. Mind you human cells are huge so we are mostly human by weight but not by the numbers. We have an incredible immune system and can safely flop around in the dirt as much as we want without it affecting us negatively. Mind you where the concentration of inimical contaminants is high enough to affect us, like in infections and such, we have to take precautions – but that is the exception(very few of the nasties live outside the human body for any length of time), not the rule. Your patootie is safe..

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  10. My brain tends to go there….then I talk myself into believing the occupants before me had germ phobias (worse than mine) and preferred to not touch anything or share naked parts of themselves with any part of the world than their own homes. Don’t even get me started on the towels….I do NOT want to think about it.

    Damnit….too late.

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