Your empty shell

Still lures me in

At core a deceit

Mind controlled

Not my own again

My red lips parted

Your twisted grin

Whispers trust in me

Mystical and cold

Yearning to believe

Maybe you still can

Save me from myself

You will make me well


46 thoughts on “Placebo

  1. Often times


    A decision made

    Continuing on

    Or taking to bed

    Depending on other things

    Mind directed

    Whither wind blows

    Needing certainty

    Or spine

    Or will


    Is a decision

    Science not withstanding

    Who cares

    Whence healing comes

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  2. Heal thyself physician. For truly is not a placebo about faith and not deceit? And, knowing that faith does work, should not the physician seek an even greater faith to do greater works?.Is not healing about truth? And yet truth is ultimately awareness. Hence healing and awareness go hand in hand. .That said, if it’s too good to be true, it likely isn’t true. Twisted grins do not faith engender. Keep the Faith Victo. 😀

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  3. Sometimes I wonder if some of my OTC supplements work as placebos, especially since I don’t take them as often as directed, which would be too expensive. On the other hand, I am sensitive to prescribed meds and side effects, not needing/able to take the usual dose. I guess it doesn’t matter, if I’m getting a desirable effect taking less than the normal dose. That’s why I liked Glazed’s comment.

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