Hold On To Your Pants!

 Old steam engine at the depot. 
I have been going through my closet with the intention of updating my look for the clinic.

There are two things I have to say:

#1, Thank the heavens above that wide leg cropped pants are now back in style. I loved them then and I love them now.

#2, Thank heavens I did not throw out the ones I used to wear 7-8, even ten years ago. (How long ago was that exactly, anyhoo, and can I call them “vintage” now?)

Woohoo for clothes hoarding!!!!

Also, if skinny jeans come back around, I will be completely out of luck…


98 thoughts on “Hold On To Your Pants!

  1. What we need are nano-pants: tiny, invisible nano bots that ward off snow flakes and other dangerous stuff! Anyway, I’m glad you found your pants… Don’t feel bad. I once went to the beer store in my underwear cuz I was so anxious to get drunk! I don’t drink anymore, so I’ve since learned to wear pants.

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  2. I usually wear conservative styles so they stay in fashion but I do have to give away clothes so my closets don’t overflow. I am embarrassed to say, there has been more than once when I have bought a pair of pants that did not fit and I held onto them thinking maybe I would lose weight and then they would fit, but I didn’t, so I gave them away to charity. But at least someone else got some new never worn pants. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I don’t get to hoard clothes. And I never know what is in style and what is out. I recently gave away 8 boxes of clothes that no longer fit after my surgery. What I kept is waaaay too big so I think I will give that away, too. Thank goodness for Goodwill…they take my clothes then I can walk inside and stock up again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Fashion is fashion. If you have to care listen to David Bowie and sing along out of sheer “why not?” That song is still brilliant.

    I do not understand fashion. I keep things simple with clothes that fit me well without me looking like a slob. A lot of black, white, blue and some more colourful shirts and done. If jeans come back then go original like Bruce Springsteen did for his album.

    Now where is that David Bowie album? Time for weirdness…

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  5. Oh yeah.

    In Geneva, I had to order most clothes from catalogs because the cuts there didn’t fit my body type. I had a lovely navy blue suit with white polka dots that I was wearing at work at WHO when a talbots catalog arrived. I smiled and turned the cover to the assembled folks milling about my office. “I am apparently the height of fashion.” My suit was there on the cover. I’d owned it for about 15 years!

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  6. Interesting…those closets. I have stuff that dates back to the 70’s. My daughter was in musical theater and used to costume herself from my “collection”. I have blazers and dresses with shoulder pads..the 80’s was my most flattering decade ! Some of it has come back around, not all of it still fits me, but seems to fit her. โ˜บ

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  7. Hey Victo,

    Another curiously interesting post, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I confess I have little or no inclination to understand fashion, and whilst not entirely without regard for my choice of attire, keep it simple, timeless, practical and cheap…and just the one obligatory suit tucked away under wraps for hatches, matches and dispatches.

    At work, I have little option other than to toe the line with my non-profit making, non-customer facing employer who enforce a dress code at my expense and insist I support their ‘brand’ and respect their ‘public image’ because that it the world which they choose to buy into. But realistically, whether I sit there in shirt and trousers, or jeans and T-shirt, it does not detract either way from the quality or consistency of my work or output, nor the service I provide.

    Speaking in the broadest sense…and I would, for example, be quite perturbed to visit a new Doctor and find them in fancy dress!..one wonders at what point do ‘we’ stop addressing the clothes and start to communicate with the person wearing them instead? Do clothes really make the ‘person’ or is it possible to take a moment longer and see beyond the aesthetic of fabric, cut, style and pattern to the person inside them?


    DN – 24/08/2015

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    • I agree. It is disconcerting to be in a profession that is judged so much on appearances. Patients prefer physicians who dress well over their knowledge. There is some study that was done some time ago to that effect. It is much worse for women in this profession. It is a fine line between over dressed and under dressed, slutty and respectable. This morning I discovered that I had not out on lipstick. I had to turn back around and make myself late just to go get it because patients won’t take me seriously without it.

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      • Hey Victo,

        Thank you for your honest reply. I can fully appreciate the need for a patient to have confidence in their Doctor from first meeting, it is after-all a very important part of establishing initial trust and rapport, but really…’I had to turn back around and make myself late just to go get it because patients wonโ€™t take me seriously without it’ is just plain crazy bonkers on their part, not yours! One wonders if the same patients who ticked the census box and overemphasise the importance of lipstick actually give a darn when you put into motion a process to repair and/or save their fickle life.

        My father is a cancer patient currently being treated by the McMillan Foundation, who strive at every twist and turn to perpetuate the longevity of his life. Never once, even in his darkest hours and anguish have I heard him be anything other than polite and gracious and deeply grateful for giving him extra time to live with his loved-ones. Isn’t that what is really far more important in life?

        It’s a mad, mad, mad world Victo, sadly to often predisposed to illusion and superficial impression at the expense of real substance. How did it ever come to this?


        DN – 25/08/2015

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  8. I was looking through a photo album with my son last week of pictures taken over a decade ago. In one, we were outside on a summer day. I looked at the shorts I was wearing in the picture, then I looked down at the shorts I was wearing that day. They were one in the same. Perhaps it’s time to go shorts shopping…

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  9. You can still get into pants you wore 7-10 years ago? Kudos to you, especially if they’re not stretchy sweat pants!

    I used to laugh when my girls were in high school and had to find some kind of “retro” outfit. It never failed that I had something from my younger years that fit the bill exactly. I was always just saving the clothes for the day when I could get back into them again.

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  10. Well I take my hat off to you I never keep anything long enough for it to come back in to fashion! I get rid of a garment that has been skulking in the back of the cupboard for years on my for it to return into fashion a week later?!

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  11. I have clothes that are twenty plus years old. I made a lot of them out of good fabric in very basic styles. The good thing about not losing weight, is that your closet is pretty safe. But I too admit, I have a box of skinnier short shorts that are from the 80’s. WHY is HELL am I keeping them. There is no way I will ever wear them. Dream on….

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  12. I also need professional clothes, having thrown out all of mine in the midst of mothering small children when it seemed I would never go back to work and after I gained some weight and resigned myself to this being irreversible. Now, I am trying to get a job, and the few appropriate clothes I have are too big (don’t judge me. I work hard, doing P90X every day.) So, I have to go out and buy clothes in case I get called for interviews…so irritating.

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  13. I have never been a fashionista – I think I’ve had the same style for years, so nothing ever goes out of vogue in my closet. Maybe it gets eaten by moths – plus I have two sizes because my weight goes up and down. I envy your closet!

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  14. Hehehe, my Mum did a “Spring cleaning” of her closets a few years ago, and I remember being SO mad at her for all the great “vintage” stuff she gave away (bags and belts only. You would have laughed so hard at the 90s pull overs!). You might have some marvels there, fashions walks in circle ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  15. “Fashionable” to me, means “if it looks good on me, I’m wearing it, and to hell with what anyone else says!”

    I was recently given a fantastic dress that was worn by my grandmother back in the 1950s…it still looks brand-new, and fits perfectly.
    I hoard clothes, too…



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