Let it Fly!

The pants I wore yesterday were not flattering at all. Not one bit. I knew this when I put them on. I didn’t like them when they arrived on my doorstep after ordering them online and I do not like them now.

In fact, they have been taking up space in my closet for nigh on two years now because I could not ever bring myself to wear them out in public. As it turns out, it is very, very difficult for me to get rid of things I have never worn. I feel terribly guilty (Perhaps a throw back to the fact that as a kid my clothes all came from Goodwill?) so I hold onto them in the hopes that something someday will change. 

Maybe they really aren’t that bad? I only have to wear them to find out. Yet, I have pants that I really do like so I wear them instead. But still, maybe? And so on and so on.

Dust collects.

After going through my closet last weekend, I decided to go ahead and just wear the stupid things so I could get it over with.


Of note, there is nothing like a bad pair of pants to throw you completely off your game and no manner of fancy panties can remedy that fact.

Those pants have now gone off to the throw away bin. I will not inflict them upon someone else! 


90 thoughts on “Let it Fly!

  1. Awww, someone may like them? That is one of the problems with buying on line -I find it hard to envision the product on me. The pictures always present the most flattering view of the product. It is convenient and I have gotten some excellent deals for good products – but sometimes I strike out. Such is the price.

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  2. Awful.
    I read that book, I can’t remember what it was or who wrote it, Marie? because I am a bad person, or it wasn’t literature or whatever, but it’s about purging your belongings, keeping only things that are beloved. It was an excellent book and an excellent purgefest, especially of clothes! Now when I open my closet, I have less than half the stuff, but it’s all top choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. If I don’t like it, I don’t feel good in it. I have cleared my closet of all those almost new things that are a bit too tight or too loose or creep up the wazoo no matter how new they are. I am trying not to buy unless I thing it’s perfect and pants are the worst. So hard to get a good fit!

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  4. I am very popular with those charities that call and ask if they can pick up anything from us? I ALWAYS say yes! I use the 2Y rule: if you haven’t worn it for more than 2 years, you don’t need it! (Plus, most of my stuff is too small on me, anyway.)

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  5. I will buy all manor of dresses online. Dresses for days! (I’m not admitting to a closet of 70+ dresses, btw). Pants though. No. Nope. No way. Not happening. Pants just don’t fit me in a way I find comfortable, so I have to try them on. Then when I find a pair I like/looks good, they are hung with care and I never wear them because if I wear them out, stain them, ruin them in any way it’ll be ages until I find another pair that I like/fits and I just cannot.

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  6. Too funny! I, too, have been guilty of wearing things I did not like and hate wasting money (I call it my depression genes). But now if I do not feel good in it, it is off to Goodwill. Life is too short not to feel good about what you are wearing, casual or otherwise.

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  7. The thing with sloppy, unflattering or worn out clothes is that you either wear them and do not care or you wear them at your own risk.

    Me not understanding fashion and being a man give me disadvantages. Everything too sloppy, unflattering or worn out is for dirty jobs, recycling and cloth use. I avoid throwing away useful and semi-useful clothing.

    A peculiar thing though. I do not like the colour pink but one of my favourite shirts is pink. I like wearing it as it has a charming look. A smart lady suggested it and now it is in my wardrobe.

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  8. Oh bad pants! I took mine to Melbourne with me a couple of weeks ago but they were SO bad I couldn’t wear them. I just couldn’t. And I didn’t have a replacement so I had to recycle my airplane outfit ๐Ÿ˜ณ
    I am in the middle of a wardrobe cleanse and it is so liberating but also horrifying to think of how much money I’m throwing away. But so much pretty white space left over now!!

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  9. I am a victim of shopping on line for really great sales. I mean ridiculous good deals, like $10.00 cotton sweaters. I sometimes hit gold, and other times, lemons. When I get a lemon, I give it away to Good Will. I figure it will make someone’s day to get something brand new with the tags on. I don’t anguish for losing the $$ for the result is one of my forms of charity. My best friend goes bonkers when she gets something at Good Will with the tags still on.
    This is one of my saddest stories. There was a lady who was a friend of a friend. She had a fire and lost everything. The friends decided to collect clothes and things for her. I gave many things to the cause as she was my size. I gave my favorite denim skirt, which I have never been able to replace. I thought of it as a honor to help her and so I gave her my fondest item of clothing. I felt really great about it. It was an true act of charity, so I thought. I figured I loved it, she should too. I delivered the BAGS of clothes to my (then) friend’s house. They were not home and I was told leave them in front of the garage. I drove by the next day to see if they liked all the stuff, and they were having a garage sale…..with all my stuff I gave and other things. I was furious and never spoke to them again. I still miss that skirt though.

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  10. This tale reminded me of me! I grew up wearing my cousin’s hand me downs, had to buy my own clothes from the time I was 12 (father’s edict) so I learned how to sew. As a result I tend to buy things and sometimes not wear them.

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  11. During our renovations, I went through my closet and dresser drawers and pulled out everything I had bought and never worn, or wore only a little before deciding I didn’t like that piece of clothing. Like you, I hate parting with something I bought and never wore because it seems a waste. Ultimately, I put all those items into a large bag and took it to the nearest church that has a clothing collection bin. It made me feel just a wee bit better to think that someone might be able to wear what I couldn’t, and that someone might actually be pleased to receive a new, or almost new, piece of clothing instead of what usually finds its way into those bins.

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  13. You never comment on these photos but they’re all exceptional. You toss them at the top of each post like they’re an afterthought. Do you have professional training?

    I think the rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn something in two years, ditch it. I don’t follow that myself, but normal people do.

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  14. *sighs* Wait until the body changes from the Big M and you find yourself hanging on to clothes you adore hoping one day you may be able to squeeze back into them. I must really clean out my closet as well yet there seems to be glue attached to my fingers to certain items of clothing. *another sigh* Thanks for the reminder ….. Grrrrrrrr ……

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  15. i just donate things instead of making myself feel bad over things I knowingly bought too small thinking I’d “lose weight” to fit into them. no point being miserable and uncomfy squashing into a darn pair of pants. why do we torture ourselves??

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