From the Guest Room

bathroom in an old train car

Monster by Kevin Morris

As a child I feared a monster tall,
a grotesque shadow on the wall.
I hurried to obey it’s every call,
Fearing lest it my life forestall.
Now I see a thing lothesome and small,
A ball of dirt upon the floor.
The monster’s presence can harm me no more,
Soon it will pass through death’s waiting door.

Some months back I did a guest post over at Kevin Morris’s blog. My first guest post ever! Today you all get to enjoy the reciprocal first guest post ever at Behind The White Coat, the poem above by Mr. Morris. Please check out his blog here!


35 thoughts on “From the Guest Room

  1. So many ways that his poem can be interpreted. I like that! Also very appropriate, in a very literal way, to some issues the 3 yr old granddaughter is having with her own ‘monsters’ recently. I hope hers soon depart through that door and disappear forever.

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I don’t need another blog to follow. On the other hand, that is like saying I really don’t need that exquisitely crafted boutique chocolate you are offering. Pish posh and nonsense talk! My list was yearning for some extraneous U’s in words that do not originate in Canada.

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