It Just Doesn’t Get Old

 A statue of me at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
To the patient who told me that I looked to be about as old as his daughter… maybe about 29 or 30… I love you! We both know you could not possibly have been serious but the little lie was appreciated, nonetheless. Sort of like getting carded still at a restaurant over a glass of wine…


59 thoughts on “It Just Doesn’t Get Old

  1. When I was younger, like 14, I used to go out with my 8 year older sister. She would get carded, I would not. No bouncer could get past the tits to look at my face……now that the girls are down around my knees….its no problem either…..

    πŸ™‚ you as old as you feel…. in so many ways

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  2. I was talking with a friend about this the other day — the next waiter who cards me will get one heck of a tip! Hard to explain — but these compliments are precious — true or not, it doesn’t matter. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Maybe your patient is sincere, but just not great at guessing ages. I’d bet there is still evidence of those years in your appearance.

    When I first started practicing law I still had my youthful boyish looks. In other words, I looked like a kid. Clients were sometimes understandably apprehensive. Who wants a child for a lawyer? I imagine the same thing would be true in your profession. Youthful appearance not a plus in the early days.

    Over time I looked less like a boy of course, but since I had some catching up to do, I didn’t look older than my age either. Nowadays though, I think it’s balanced out. I’m as old as I look. Long past the time anyone would mistake me for a twenty-something.

    Maybe the next time it happens to you, you can say that is what healthy living does for you. πŸ™‚

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    • In medicine, people don’t realize it, but doctors are better the first seven years out of training. And maybe I do look that young to people that are older than I am. I know that people younger than me are difficult to estimate age for nowadays. As for healthy living… LOL! I need a farm. πŸ™‚


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