baby wearing a knotted cap with crocheted flower 

What if we all treated our spouse/partners like we hope someone treats our sons or daughters?


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  1. We would treat them like parent a bit i think because of the intrinsic ways we think of our children, yet definitely appreciate the thought to do it “like someone else” rather than the way we just always do. Learning about ourselves like that is important, i think. Cheers.

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  3. this very thought has changed the way I treat my wife (as I’ve watched my son interact w/ his wife, and gotten wind of some of the stuff my son-in-law does, had caused me to be kinder. Wife has verbalized this very thing more than once this summer. We (I) tend to be blind to some of this stuff until I see it in someone else. Thanks for the gentle nudge. DM

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  4. You are amazing with your brevity and beauty of phrase (and I am not…) My husband treated me this way when I became very ill this weekend with Exorcism style projectile vomiting. He kept checking that I hadn’t aspirated, every 20 minutes. I am deeply loved and so grateful.

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  5. I came to a point in my life when I realized just that. There was this amazing man next to me, having been there for 20 years, and not only did I feel as if he deserved just that, but I realized maybe I did too. And my children. The affects of putting that into motion have been unbelievable.

    Lovely, post, Victo.

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