telephone lines and lampost 
You live beyond 
The synapses
Hidden deep within

Fear and pleasure
Learned and stored
Memories rewritten

An arousal
Axons fired
Limbic activation

Love remembered
Because of hate
Beyond our cognition


49 thoughts on “Amygdala

  1. It is interesting how we are layered not only horizontally in time – i.e. complex intellectual interactions within the range of our senses – but also vertically in time – integration with emotions and behaviour responses (fear of heights, fight or flight, etc) “learned” over generations back as far as the origin of humans. It would seem to me that multi-dimensional awareness contributes significantly to the definition of our humanity. I also suspect that this suggests genetic learning.

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    • It IS fascinating, isn’t it? How instincts are passed down, how our genes affect our personalities (even as far as which thumb we rest upon the other when we fold our hands). It is sobering to realize that we are only just scratching the surface…

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      • You know Victo, this sounds strange because we are used to defining ourselves with our intellect but I am beginning to suspect that our intellect is just a very complex tool that we utilize to satisfy our emotional desires. Much like a hammer or a spade, our intellect really has little to do with the definition of ourselves. That’s not a popular perspective, as I am sure you can imagine.

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    • Hey Noelle: I bet it affects the emotional component of trading. Years ago I was involved in petroleum futures trading and that drove me nuts. You would think that futures would be traded based on intellectual considerations – demand, supply, past pricing trends, etc – but in a study done by the SEC, about 75% of trading decisions are made for emotional reasons – welcome amygdala to the stock market.

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  2. Hey, are all of you doctors here. I had to look up the word. Now that I know what it is, I can say the poem was quite nice. I thought the heart and soul made those decisions for us. Well they say you are never too old to learn. I am from the old school, I like the heart and soul idea. :o)

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  3. If they could find away to fix a broken amygdala, I would be in line. This little peanut is the center point of suffering for so many who have PTSD. And in degrees, the little bastard affects people so unorthodox as there is no pattern or evidence based “one size fixes all.”
    Your poem is dead nuts on! ( and very clever)

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  4. Just stumbled upon this… My fiancée is a pediatric neurologist… I must show him this one!!! We’ve both had love before but have both proven that our love is unrelinquishing through the darkness and sickness of our pasts….. It wasn’t easy… But so worth it….and we’re stronger together for it!!!!

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