Charmed, I’m Sure…

little girl kissing Spider Man

My planned day off was highjacked by a sick little girl yet again. You know how it goes: high fevers, almost no sleep, glassy eyes (hers and mine but for different reasons), fetid strep breath, unhealthy levels of gooey snot boogers…

Best of all?


Her puke in myย hair and on my pillow because, you know, I let her sleep with me last night.


So, instead of that quiet house, bottle of wine, and book that I was planning on, I am cuddling my princess, dressed in our matching ball gowns and tiaras. Even sick girls want to look pretty while watching Cinderella for the third time. Or is it the fourth time? I have lost track.

“He is a very handsome prince, mommy…”

“Someday you will find your own handsome prince, sweetheart.”

“But I don’t want to! I don’t want to marry him or anyone!”

“You don’t have to marry him…”

But… maybe someday…

Someday you will find the one who fits you like a glass slipper, baby girl. He will make you feel beautiful and special. He will love you as much as you love him and you will live happily ever after with no regrets.

Or something like that…

I hope he doesn’t mind puke.


79 thoughts on “Charmed, I’m Sure…

  1. Before I knew what it meant, I said, “but I want to be the Prince, mommy! I want to be the one who saves Cinderella!” I stopped saying things like that, after it drew concerned looks.

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  2. Puke I can handle. Snot and boogers and drool-ick ick ick NOOOOOO. I’d think after all the things I’ve seen in long term care that would be the easiest. Not for me! Wound care, puke, poo, pee, combative residents, shitty management THEN snot drool and boogers. Blech!

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  3. In time warn her for the alcoholic hangover. After one terrible hangover I decided to never get drunk again. There is no joy in vomiting because your stomach protests the contents.

    Besides that at least you have cuddly company on your day off.

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  4. Aw, the wonders of motherhood! I remember walking the floor on Christmas Eve with a child with blown eardrums from a sudden and acute ear infection, with blood dribbling down my shoulder. And my husband, the MD, got sick changing a runny diaper…
    Bet you had fun in your ballgowns and tiaras! Treasure that!

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      • Patrick got his first set of ear tubes at 6 months, after interminable middle ear problems. With regard to that particular time, I got a middle ear infection from him, ended up with two glue ears, and because the hubby was not available during working hours, I took myself to the ENT, where he washed out both middle ears with water with no anesthesia (I had to drive home). I remember lying on the floor in the pharmacy while waiting on my prescriptions. I had a fairly long drive to pick up my son at daycare, but my wonderful sitter brought him home for me!

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      • Being married to medicine is a lot harder than we give it credit for! Bless YOU poor woman for surviving that! I have been asking people if they want to do guest posts and would love it if you would consider writing about the glue ear or some other experience about being married to a physician. ๐Ÿ™‚ You have a side to tell that people don’t often get to hear.


      • I’d be happy to do that! I’m in the middle of the first major rewrite of my third book right now, but how about something in November? Will you remind me? – since I have Swiss cheese for a brain!

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  5. I hope your daughter is now fully recovered Victo. It doesn’t compare to sick children, however last weekend my guide dog was sick in the pub I had just popped into for a delicious fry-up on Saturday morning (my local pub offers breakfast with or without the accompaniment of guide dogs being sick for good measure)! I had congratulated myself on my four legged friend not having been ill in my home when, in the evening he kindly decided to decorate my carpet in his own very unique way. Oh the joys of children and dog ownership … Kevin

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    • Gah! Poor puppy! I hope he is feeling better, too? My daughter puked this morning at school just before clinic started for me. I had to cancel everyone and take her home where she has been pleased as punch and chipper as can be, not the least bit ill. I informed her that she WOULD be going back to school tomorrow to which she scowled at me and said, “Mommy, I just might have to puke again!” It was probably my fault when I told her this morning, as she was whining about getting dressed, that the only way she was staying home was if she had a fever or was vomiting. Apparently, I should not have given her ideas….

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