Black and white cemetery. 

Brought to my knees
Soulless and diseased
A parched, dark hole
No longer in control
Succumbed to you

Mind no longer sees
Ears deafened to my pleas
Bitterness burning
Always yearning
For a taste of you

Thirst never slaked
Heart forever staked
Eyes sightless and blind
Look for love I’ll never find
I am drunk on you


34 thoughts on “Inebriated 

  1. I think I’m confused. Oh, Oh, wait a minute – I just got it – unrequited. I just went through and compared all my previous loves and there it was – and indeed even after 13 years the same feelings are there – uselessly smitten, with no intellectual reasoning at all.

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  2. I remember this. I woke up a month later feeling like I’d been outside myself for a year. I had been addicted to someone who was addicted to alcohol, not to mention crazy. It was like waking up from a bad dream. I’m still working on forgiving myself, because this kind of illness is powerful…and human.

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