Japanese Garden wall. 
A definition of bravery:

Having dinner and talking philosophy with the physician friend who just did your pelvic exam an hour before.

Maybe the fact that we are both physicians makes it easier to put that embarassment aside? Still. That disconcerting squishy feeling from the lubricant? THAT lingers.


106 thoughts on “Squishy

  1. Ha! You young ‘uns – wait ’till you get older- it’s all just plumbing. Just a short time ago I had a young nurse (well, 38 or so) and we were doing a procedure in the genital region and she apologized and blushed – I just reassured her it was all mechanical plumbing unless she had brought a bottle of wine with her? Ha! I live close to a large university and I see the young ones coming and going all the time. Every single thing they do is measured against sexuality in some form or another. I remember being like that and it amazes me that we got anything done. Just like bunnies – lots of fun and necessary for humanity, and way too obvious when you get older and look back.

    Hope you had a great dinner with your friend Victo.

    P.S. – not to say life is sexless after a certain age – it isn’t, just much more by choice and more subtle and fun -textured and layered and broader than the banging we did as young ‘uns.

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  2. Ha! Our first son was born when my husband was in residency, delivered by a fellow third year who was also a good friend of us both. He still is, but I think the relationship is always just a little bit stranger once your friend has stitched up your lady bits.

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    • Yes! I delivered a few for friends in residency, too! I never think about the lady bits once they are tucked away and I certainly don’t have the image flash before my eyes when I meet a patient in the grocery store. It is so clinical and see so much of it every day that it really holds no mystique for me anymore. It is harder on non-clinical people I think.

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  3. Bless the doctor that uses just the right amount of lubricant. I work at the hospital and saw my GP the next day after my exam. We were in the elevator and spoke to each other while I was hoping the elevator had a Mach speed button. I thought that was awkward but you’re brave indeed to head to dinner right after. Drinks, anyone?

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  4. That reminds me. I moved to a new town and it was time for my annual woman’s. I went to the obgyn and then the next day we learned our kids were in the same school/grade bc we both went to an honor roll presentation and ended up sitting together. It was very…awkward. I was thinking the whole time “oh my god, she just saw me naked and had her hand up there!” It felt kind of like running into a one night stand that ended poorly.

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  5. You are brave. I just had my first one in 5 years last week. I cried but the nurse was amazing thankfully. I still don’t think I could have gone out to dinner with her after.
    Here’s hoping the squishy feeling was just that and didn’t make any sounds ahaha!

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  6. Haha! One of my daughters and son-in-law are both MD’s. A lot of their friends ar too, and we’ve known them for a while. I think one needs to cut the line somewhere, otherwise one goes crazy.
    (Now a lot of my in-laws are dentists. No matter what, when they meet someone for the first time, they do a discrete full dental diagnostic. In silence)

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  7. I once by chance sat next to my male gynecologist at a school play and had a nice conversation with him. My friend on the other side of me asked how I could possibly talk to him knowing what he’d seen. I told her what my husband, the OBGYN told me: after a while, you women all look the same!

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  8. Ha, this reminds me of the time I worked in the local bakery after school and on Sat.. We could eat anything we wanted and the owner let us take anything and as much as we wanted home at the end of the day. After a week I got sick of looking at the stuff and never snacked at the bakery again. My point? It reminded me of a Jelly donut, when you take that first bite and the jelly squishes out. :o)

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  9. I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t visited your blog in awhile and of all the posts for me to catch up on, it’s this one. Perhaps you physicians are made of stronger stuff but my idea is to get these things done by someone I’ll never see socially. My mother had a gyno whose son went to the same school as my brother and it turned out that quite a few of his patients were mothers at the school. That was always too much for me.

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