Hard and stony, staring
A punishment, uncaring
Unmoving and unbending 
My dues for offending
Your silence grows
It’s adding to my woes
Waiting for the lumps to pass
What a pain in the ass
Building until massive
I think I’ll take a laxative
Nothing like the rush
Ending it all with a flush

If you are wondering how the photo fits with this, it reminded me of a colonoscopy and lots of diverticuli…


111 thoughts on “Constipation

  1. The pressure, oh the pressure
    I think I’m getting a fissure
    I push and I push and I push
    but nothing comes out my tush
    I think I’m going crazy
    the wallpaper is wavy
    straining this much
    gave me a headrush
    before my colon is in ruins
    I’m going to eat 20 prunes

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  2. Bwahaha! You have an active imagination Victo- diverticuli indeed.I had an anal colorectal surgeon (pun intended) who was doing a colonoscopy on me one day. The assisting nurse was hilarious and had been doing this or decades. I was watching on the monitor as they explored and the doc came to an indent and wanted to see inside. He told the nurse to wash the area and as she engaged the water she hollered “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” I cracked up with laughter and the picture went all wavy. The doctor looked like he had swallowed lemons as the nurse and I laughed. It took a few minutes for the picture to steady enough for him to continue.

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    • I had an attending once say that the hand that writes for the narcotic should also be the hand that writes for the stool softener. The one should not go without the other. Very wise. Saves a lot of misery down the road. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Oh Lord Mark. Don’t remind me. With minimal kidney function those little bottles of stuff that they say are lemon flavored and that you mix with another drink, are not allowed for me. Instead I get a gallon jug container with about an inch of white powder n the bottom that I have to mix with cold water and then drink – a gallon. I found a cure the last time – one shot of medicine chased by one shot of whiskey – continue until gone (either the jug or the whiskey or me) Ha! I told the doctor and he laughed and said that was one way to do it but he likely wouldn’t be recommending it to his other patients. (Yes, straight whiskey is a clear liquid – I asked). ๐Ÿ˜€

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