Follow Up

 Purple Water Lilies 

I was challenged by a reader to compose a follow up to my post yesterday. I started by trying to rhyme “swirling fecal” with “black treacle”, but… Yeah. This is a silly topic so long as it comes in small doses but it is probably not so funny if you have been seriously plagued by it. Sooooo…. enjoy, laugh if you can! If you cannot, you have my sympathy. 

Tenesmus makes me hurry, 
To evacuate the slurry.
Another rumble of borborigmi,
My signal… oh… oh… oh my…
I cannot trust the flatus,
I will need a toilet hiatus.


92 thoughts on “Follow Up

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  2. I’m sorry but I cannot “like” this post. I’ve already reached my quota of scatalogical commentary for the week, ysee. And no, I’m not even kidding. (Though I really — REALLLLY — wish I were!)

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