Dress Up


I absolutely love October… I love it not just for the pumpkin and the cooler weather, though they are admittedly high on my list.

The cicadas finally go silent.

I also love it because I can mope about as much as I like and people think I am just getting into the Halloween holiday spirit. I can post favorite pictures of cemeteries and it does not seem quite so creepy. 

But what really makes this month extra, extra special? 

Dressing up! 

I get to wear a corset and I am allowed to wear a dress from another time period without people thinking I am weird. Time travel with all of the amenities of home. 

I can still use my toothbrush.

What do you dressing up in? Do you go scary? Why?


98 thoughts on “Dress Up

  1. Right now I’m wearing a Sherlock Holmes thick wool dressing-gown, coz the weather’s bloody cold. Even in my study. (Yes I have a study) Mexico is a fraud. Even weather-wise. πŸ™‚

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  2. I use to love doing scary. I actually have a wicked good scream and my friends liked to take me to haunted houses to scare the actors in them. I called it a teachable moment for them, but they really didn’t like it. Now I totally tone down the zombie look to go with my daughter, because she really doesn’t even like it when I wear my glasses. Last year she was Tinkerbell and I was Peter Pan. This year is still up in the air….

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  3. Ah yes – the old dress up trick. I don’t do much of that myself, and it amuses me when others do. After all you should be able to wear whatever you want (within limits of your job and/or the weather) whenever you want. Be brave! Ha! But I will say this: heavy make-up or masks that obscure the wearer’s identity, bother me. I dislike clowns all year around for that reason and find them creepy. I really dislike Halloween night for that reason. I enjoy the season and the decorations but not the masks. I always get the feeling that anyone who does not want to be identified is dangerous. The little ones who trick or treat are very cute and I don’t mind them at all, but I do mind the adults. So Halloween is a wash for me – some good and some bad.

    I do love the time of year. Here in Ontario the leaves are changing color and are scattered all over – very beautiful. I love the crisp air and the feeling of energy.

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  4. You must be further north from me, dear doctor as our cicadas are still chirruping and the dragonflies are buzzing. I never go scary, sometimes funny, sometimes topical and I have posted my favorite one of all. Despite my article about respecting my ancestors I am liberated by wearing something incredibly sexy that I would never wear normally. That said, just bought cobweb and red/black fishnets. Great legs – got to show them before they go! πŸ™‚

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  5. Because of my body type, I have to dress up as things that are rounded. The last 5 years, I was the Michelin Man, a giant pumpkin, a snowman, the Staypuft Marshmallow man, and a fat teddy bear. This year, I think I’ll be the Jimmy Dean Sun.

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  6. It is eerie how suddenly the cicadas shut up.

    No more crunching on their sad, shiriveled-up exoskeletons in the morning when I leave for work either! πŸ˜€

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  8. Depending on if hubby is home from a work trip, I may have a Halloween party to go to this Saturday night. If so, I need a costume. I do not have a stockpile so I will have to improvise. Last year we went as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

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  9. Brace yourself. I hate dressing up. I love a night out and can definitely enjoy myself, but dressing up leaves me cold. I have friends who absolutely love it but I’m afraid I always give it a skip.

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  10. Last year my dear wife Karen and I went to a great party dressed as the farmer folk in the famous painting American Gothic, Doc. Another year we went as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Variety is the spice of life, I guess. I think your vintage corset and dress is a good choice to let loose in. πŸ™‚

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  11. My kids loved Halloween…embracing the dark side. And I played along. I bought them props. Does anyone know how to get fake blood out of carpet ??? Twenty years later…still no clue. ☺

    We used to dress up and rig the porch with creepy sounds…but it scared the little ones away. So we stopped. Too bad. ☠☠☠

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  12. I love to dress up and used to go with things like “Gossamer Goddess” and Egyptian Queen. One year I went as Dolly Parton. I used to spend hours on costumes since I was a child. Usually they were not scary. My first husband and I had a party every year that was always a blow out good time. Now I spend Halloween in a more spiritual way by wearing robes and honoring my ancestors…However, I will wear my “witch hat and a robe” at work for the Halloween party…. just because! But then in December I put on my Mrs. Clause outfit for the children’s’ party we have with our own Santa. When we went to the Renaissance Festival we all wore costumes: I was a Lady of the court, my hubby was a Friar and my step-daughter who was 13 was a maiden. Love to dress up.

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  13. I usually wear a conservative leopard print and black combo to work. If I’m going out, I go with a mother nature/wood nymph theme. Once I got runner up in a contest by draping a black veil and Spanish moss over a pith helmet, problem is, I couldn’t see very well. Some day, I’d like to dress up as Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. Thanks for asking. It’s fun to imagine. πŸ™‚

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  14. Haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a very, verrrrry long time. But when I last did, I went ALL OUT SCARY. Specifically, I went as Nancy Reagan promoting her “Just Say NO!” anti-drug campaign.

    Halloween + conservative politics + simplistic understanding of addiction and human behavior = TERRIFYING!!

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