Falling Back

This time of year we make a trip to the Enchanted Forest. This is where the birthday fairies live, ready to bestow gifts upon good little children who obey their parents *some* of the time. I created this pseudo-holiday because Santa is only good for about 4 weeks out of the year and quite frankly I need more leverage than that. Birthdays happen all year long…

We stayed in a duplex cabin which some may argue is not really roughing it, but the place was filthy and I swear the kid crying next door at 2AM and 4AM sounded an awful lot like a coyote…. 

Don’t feel sorry for me, though. I don’t like it too nice. Staying a few days in filth, semi-roughing it, teaches the kids to appreciate what they do have in the “real” world and emphasizes the beauty of nature. The Japanese call it “forest bathing” or shinrin-yoku. They have something there, those wise people. 


It is too, too bad we cannot retreat forever….


71 thoughts on “Falling Back

  1. That sounds like fun leverage. I used to tell my kids about “The Barter Fairy” — the magical fairy who would come take a few of your warn out toys (that Mommy keeps stepping on!) and replace them with one brand new toy while you sleep. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Ah, forest bathing. Jealous. . . My 7 year old stopped believing in Santa. Now what do I do??? ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, not that any of that worked for us anyway. I feel like my kids outsmarted my the day they were conceived.

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  3. I have to be honest and say that as we’ve aged, we’ve come to want our creature comforts. When the kids were young, though, we went on a mountain retreat every year (Blue Ridge mountains) – we stayed in a basic apartment over some horse stalls in a barn. The kids loved it – the horses were wonderful. No trial riding though, only trail walking. The insurance was too high for the owner to pay.

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  4. I’ll happily admire pictures, but I want my creature comforts ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sitting in a hot spring, surrounded by nature (I’m thinking of Japan) sounds awesome if I can get past the nudity ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. I love Retreating especially when it is to the RIVER…. but I also love anywhere outside…as long as I can go inside at some point. I laugh now that I used to wilderness camp (no running water or electricity and you have to walk in) and also winter camp in a tent and sleep on the ground… with an air mattress which was considered being a softy. HA….no more!

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  6. Forest Bathing! I love it! Being cleansed from all the technology, paperwork, and arbitrary deadlines! It’s been too long! I love sitting around the campfire and hiking among the trees, which I will do for my birthday next month. But last time I slept in a tent, I wanted another several inches of foam between me and the ground, and a closer toilet. Maybe try a single cabin next time, next to a babbling brook. That would be nice!

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  8. The image is a perfect representation of “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”.
    Forest bathing is good. We used to have a house in Normandy when I was a kid.
    With lots of woods and forests nearby. In those blessed days without psycopaths or child molesters, us kids and our our friends form the village would roam all around the woods all day. Pretending we were in the Amazon forest or such. Sometimes taking sandwiches and bikes to explore further away and not coming home until sunset. And no adult ever worried.

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  9. And PS. I was a bit late this week in checking your posts, which I enjoy very much.
    It being wednesday and all, it is a bit late to wish you a happy week, So, let’s hope thursday and friday will be free of catastrophes, that patients will not be obnoxious, that you can do a reasonable job at easing pain, and that you can read at least one “just-so-story” to your kids.
    Take care Victo.
    (I still have doubts about that being your real name, but one’s entitled one’s avatars)
    (Not my real name)

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