Sun shining over the clouds from a plane 

These photos… you are not physically in them and yet your presence still is there, beyond the frame. I am loathe to delete them, as if erasing them erases you, erases me. 


Can my memory ever be too full?


It can.


42 thoughts on “Deleted

  1. I think we all have tethers that bind us, sometimes in a great way, and other times in ways that bring pain and sadness. When the cluttered and tangled strings of our lives become overwhelming something has to go. I suppose better the ‘thing’ be gone than the memories, although we often have no choice in the matter.
    Great post to ponder over with its many and varied implications 🙂

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  2. Great photo! I’ve been doing a bit of reading about memory – I used to laugh and tell people my brain is so full of trivial crap that when I learn something new, I have to eject something already in there. Turns out, that’s what happens for real! You end up overlaying new pathways over the old.

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  3. Nop. Never too full. More synapses grow.
    And if you think of people long gone. I have pictures of my great-grandmother back in India, around 1860. She was about ten. A flicker of light. And then gone.
    Keep flickering.
    And take care of yourself.
    (You still haven’t sent me the address of the log cabin)

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