“Dear Doctor,

Dr. Susan Smith knew when she died she wanted to give her estate to The University Medical School to help continue our tradition of excellence. You can, too! Click here to learn more about planning your will.


The University”

Vultures. I’m not even in my fifties yet. Bugger off you bastards!!!


71 thoughts on “Pointed

  1. It is a thing now. If you want to live forever, set up a charitable remainder annuity trust. You can get an annuity stream for the rest of your life, with whatever is left then to go to the charity. If the well runs dry, the charity still has to assure you get your annuity! Believe me, these donors DO NOT DIE young!

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  2. Gee, for an organization that’s supposed to want to prolong life and learning, they sure seem to want to “hasten” you along! But then, that’s what it all seems to be about nowadays. Live fast, work hard to earn lots of money, then die young so someone else (and not even your own loved ones) can benefit from the effort.

    Don’t listen to ’em, Doc…it’s all a mind game to get us to “check out” early. If it were up to the vultures, we’d all be standing in line grabbing numbered tickets and waiting to hand over our assets to them. They’d be calling the next person up even before the ink is dry on the last check…


    With Love,


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  3. It gets more intense the older you get too. I find that a lot this is just plain extortion, not charity. When they ask they don’t get. You never know what your children are going to need.

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  4. Sensitivity training ?? I just don’t get it. I recently got one of those coupon mail envelopes that included an ad from a Cremation Service. It read….”Complete Cremation. $995. Enter Promo Code EXPO at Checkout “. Seriously, Doc.

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  5. What, taking you by pieces is not good enough anymore? This is like as tacky as it gets. We get hit up for donations for everything at work to fund our own organization. And the pressure to contribute is huge.

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  6. Every institution of higher ed I attended has hit me up for a bequest in my will – I was asked by the med school if I wanted to donate my body. Yech! None of them are getting a cent and as for my body – I have enough replaced joints (4) that it would be pretty useless for teaching.

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  7. Who said we are living in a material world?
    Now the bl..dy church photograph is brilliant. Don’t know it, but the “flΓͺche” has deer antlers. The symbol of Diane de Poitiers? Mistress to FranΓ§ois 1er. So… has to be somewhere in the chΓ’teaux de la Loire. Chenonceaux?
    (Driving me nuts)

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    • The chapel of St. Hubert at Chateau Amboise where Leonardo DiVinci is supposedly buried. St. Hubert met a stag in the forest with a crucifix tangled in its antlers. It told him to turn away from a sinful life and devote himself to God. So he did. πŸ˜‰

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      • Hmmm. Been to the Loire. Actually stayed at Amboise. But we didn’t go to that chapel. Saint-Hubert was the patron of hunting. Both were very pouplar at that time. Of course, hunting was reserved for nobility only. If a starving peasant snared a rabbit and was caught he could be immediately hanged by the neck, by the local Lord… 😦

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