Golden Oxytocin


I cannot trust
The way I feel.
How much is lust?
How much is real?
How much is you,
Inside my brain?
Guilded reality,
Coursing through 
My bloody veins.
What is attraction?
What is hate?
What is binding
Us to our fate?
Hormone from above,
The goddess of love.
Chemical thoughts
Forever lying,
Forever tying
Microscopic knots.


44 thoughts on “Golden Oxytocin

  1. I read the first four lines and as usual my mind wandered off the reservation before I finished and came back to the light. I was thinking after those first perfect lines of yours, ‘A sometime kiss, and the long heavy look through curl of lashes.’ Though I suppose either/or has altered reality for thousands upon thousands.

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  2. Isn’t that funny how medicine makes you write poetry and fiction? The combination of life mysteries made mundane and being witness to people’s pain and sorrow. A combination of down to earth and caring. And if course all those amazing life sings and miracles of human body and recovery.

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