The Lost Notes 

 chipped piano keys 
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12 thoughts on “The Lost Notes 

  1. I had the feeling this evening during dinner that I needed to sit down at my piano and play (thanks to you and this post). I don’t play as often as I used to…who am I kidding Doc, I haven’t played in several years with any fervor, I guess Miss Standish and her ruler saw to that. In any event, I was pleasantly surprised to read this post of yours. Lovely writing as usual. Here’s what I played this evening. If only I could upload my own sounds without paying for it. Though I’m sure this rendition is better than my neighbors had to endure. I hope you don’t mind my videos. I just noticed that no-one else seems to gift you the visual aids that I find a necessity. I cannot help it, music is constantly playing in my head.

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  2. Another good one “Victoire” (May I call you Victoire?)
    We have so many objects from so many far-away places that Daughter # 1, your colleague, once said that in order to eventually claim their heritage, they most likely would have to pass an full exam on the history of each object. eg. Thai 16th century bronze buddha bought my her grandparents in Cambodia circa 1956…

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