IMG_2637My son lost his first tooth at 3:05AM this morning. I know this because he ran in to tell me at that exact moment.

He had discovered at dinner that it was loose and quite honestly, I was hoping for a few days to adjust to this new reality.


3:05 AM.

Less than eight hours from the initial discovery and he now has a gaping hole where a tooth ought to have been. 

I wish he was not in such a hurry to grow up.

This morning I had to leave before he got up. It bothers me that I was not there when he found his first note and gift from the tooth fairy. Clinic, sick patients to see… no choice. I am told he was super excited and that he believes he was sprinkled with pixie dust. I tell myself that he won’t remember if I was there or not, that the magic lies with the tooth fairy, not with me.

Maybe it’s true…. And maybe the tooth fairy really is real.


69 thoughts on “Bicuspid

  1. Oh, loosing teeth. Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance to see your child’s reaction. I bet you will. I remember the first tooth and then for a period of time, they just kept coming out! It’s is precious. I found out that the tooth fairy was never very prepared. πŸ™‚

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  2. I tried once to explain the idea of “Easter” to my son when he was little. It’s a pretty complex subject so I started with the Easter bunny. I told son that it wasn’t about candy baskets, and it isn’t a rabbit that delivers the baskets. He said, “I know, Mom. It’s a man dressed in a bunny suit.” And so ended my attempts to explain…

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  3. The Tooth Fairy forgot Jacob one time. He was crushed. “Let’s go look again,” I suggested. Sure enough, he found the bill she left. That year the going rate for a tooth went way up. I had to grab a bill out of my wallet to put in position — a 5 Franc note was the smallest I had ;(

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  4. Ah, the tooth fairy! I hadn’t even thought of this yet for my daughter. I remember getting a quarter for each lost tooth, but with inflation, what’s the hike-up on that? An iPod for every molar? (In which case, we may be gluing our daughter’s teeth in until she turns twenty…)

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  5. The tooth fairy certainly IS real! Your son must have been lying in bed wiggling that tooth if it came out at 3 AM and he was awake. Good grief – my kids only lost teeth in daylight! Am I a crazy mother? I still have them!

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  6. I understand the importance of the first one. After that it’s all downhill. Our third child didn’t have a chance. Too bad you missed it. There are other things along the way: that thing that gets stuck up his nose, slivers, tonsils…

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  7. The tooth fairy made the mistake at our house of leaving five dollars for the very first tooth was lost. …so that ended up being the going rate. A few times the tooth fairy forgot…that was awkward. One time my daughter saw the tooth fairy in action….I guess the tooth fairy
    wasn’t quiet enough.

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  8. You are a wonderful mother – you come home every night, yes? and you kiss them every single day whether they are awake or asleep and they feel confident enough to burst through your bedroom door in the middle of the night with a tooth. And you love your job and do Good. The last is important too. You are doing just fine and honestly they won’t mind if you were not there when they discovered their cash prize just as long as the prize was there and it was CASH! Love c

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  9. The tooth fairy always came to our house when my kids were small. But now that I’m older, and I’m losing my own teeth, that tooth fairy is nowhere around. You know, I could use a dollar, too. [sigh]

    Happy Thanksgiving, Victo. I probably won’t be online tomorrow, so I’m extending my greetings today wherever I can.

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    • Me, too. He said a couple of months ago that he did not believe in the tooth fairy. I had to write a note from the tooth fairy with sparkly glitter and slip it with a new toothbrush under his pillow to prove to him she was real. It worked. πŸ˜‰

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  10. We have a rule in our house, if you don’t “believe” in whatever Magic the situation calls for: tooth fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny… Then you don’t get to participate. Lol.
    One of my favorite things is watching my son try mightily to keep a straight face when he is waiting for Santa with the nephews.

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  11. The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny. They are filled with wonderment, but think about when you were a youngster, the most important thing was that you knew you were loved. I am sure your children feel the same way. From reading your post’s I can tell you shower them with much of that. And, that’s what they will remember. Happy Thanksgiving, have a fun day with your family. I know it will be filled with love. :o)

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  12. No matter how old you get, I think the magic is still there. Whether we are on the receiving or the creating side.
    Happy Thanksgiving Doc. I am thankful for finding your blog and being able to read all your wonderful stories and happenings. It is a part of my day, everyday.

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  13. We may have commented on this post already, but it’s all right.
    After the tooth fairy goes, Santa will be there forever.
    (He does exist, right?)
    And I can’t help but wonder if the photo was taken at Mont-Saint-Michel.
    (That is why curiosity killed the cat, man, will you ever learn?)
    (Just talking to myself. Not hearing voices yet)

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