The Visitation

 bare tree branches in the forest 
She stood at the bedside, holding his hand. She was wearing tight jeans that cradled her back side just so and a warm, bulky sweater that still showed off her perky breasts.

He could not see her, how good she looked, but he would have appreciated it, I am sure.

The machines beeped and rang and whooshed all around. Everything was moving except for him. He lay so very still, barely breathing.

“Sam, I have to go. I can’t do it. I can’t be the woman who helps you get through all of this.” She sniffed, dabbing at a tear stained cheek with a crumpled up tissue.

I tried not to stare.

Still, I could not take my eyes off of them. It just seemed so wrong. I could have been her, given other circumstances.

She sensed it and looked over, fixing me in her gaze. I coughed uncomfortably, looking down at the patient chart. Quickly, I flipped to the orders section and started scribbling.

“Good-bye.” She gave his limp hand a final squeeze and then was gone.

The doors to ICU eased shut behind her with a soft thump.


He sat up. 

“Pssst!” He whispered at me. “Is she gone?” 

I checked the video monitor to be sure. There she was walking away. No looking back. “Yeah…. She’s gone.”

He smiled.

“Thanks! I owe you…” He untaped the fake IV, unwrapped the gauze turban around his head, and pulled off the hospital gown. Thankfully, he still had on pants underneath.

“That is the last time I help you break up with a girlfriend, Sam. I swear.”

He laughed, then started buttoning up his blue and white striped dress shirt.

A pager went off.

“Yours or mine?” He asked. 

I checked.


He sighed, holding out his hand. I slapped the cold, black thing into his open palm. He finished tying the yellow tie, then shrugged into his brown corduroy sports coat. A quick check of his hair in the reflection off the paper towel holder by the sink and he was off to his next conquest.

“You’re a piece of shit, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah. Merry Christmas,” he called out over his shoulder as he walked past.

He was so damn handsome.

It could have been me…


103 thoughts on “The Visitation

  1. My heart just went pitter-patter. Lol! What a DB way to break up…. Wait… I can’t believe she would leave that quick! Who is worse here? Tell ya what. If he is cute, give me his number and I’ll let ya know who is worse.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this! You do know how hard it was for me to resist sending you a song don’t you? I’m trying to be good and not wear out my welcome. Have a nice evening Miss

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  4. Miss, I kind of wanted to talk to you tonight. I guess I’m presuming. I know I don’t know you, perhaps that’s the reason I feel drawn. I don’t care that you’re a Doctor, nor am I impressed by your medical credentials like all of the rest of these sheep. I just know you’re a woman, and I’ve read between the lines of many of your posts. Never-mind, sorry to have bothered you. . . please delete this comment, I’m not looking for likes, follows or comments, I’ll trust you to delete. Trust is really all there is you know?


  5. I enjoyed this because of the descriptive language that allowed me to visualize the scene. In only scant words the scene and characters were there for the reader. Storytelling at its best. This could be the start of a book or screen play as it laid out possibilities. Modern romeo in white lab coat?

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