Hostile Take Over

My kids know what I do for a living. It is unavoidable since my career can intrude on their lives at any moment. They know that mommy is a doctor but never at any point have they ever said that they wanted to be a doctor themselves.

Last night, though, my daughter said that she was going to become a doctor and would work at my clinic.

To be honest, I was flattered. I was her hero. Rosy visions of a mommy/daughter clinic flashed before my eyes. 

I smiled.

“So we can work together?”

“Uh, no, mommy. You will have to find another job. We can’t both work there. You are a good doctor, though. You won’t have any problems finding a new clinic.”

Oh, dear…

I am asked a lot if I would encourage my daughter to go into medicine. More than anything, I have worried if she were strong enough to keep it from sucking out her soul. Seems I have nothing to worry about.


94 thoughts on “Hostile Take Over

  1. How funny. She is tough. I approve. But maybe she will pick a different specialty. Then you can keep your job. Lol.
    I liked the way she then tried to soften the blow by telling you you are a good doctor to reassure you.
    You bade be giggle. Thank her for me.

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  2. What a cutie. I would have loved to have seen the look on your face when she dismissed you. There’s a father/son team in my old hometown in GA and they get along grand. The father is an oncologist and the son an internist. There’s hope for you yet.


  3. They certainly know how to hit the nail on the head. I once said something to my daughter about how old I’d be when it was her Uni Graduation. I was smoking then. She looked at the cigarette and said, “Don’t worry Daddy. You probably won’t be alive then.”
    I quit that day.

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  4. LOL! I worked with 6-7 doctors (5 of them the same throughout 16Β½ yrs). I can NOT tell you how many patients (& sometimes drug reps) assumed/asked if their children were planning to enter the medical field, specifically MD, DO, PA, RN, CRNP. None of them. I think they saw the hours, sacrifices, loans, malpractice insurance,,, as you know, medicine isn’t what it once was. Not by a long shot (that said I’m a clinical MA & LOVE medicine)

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  5. There is often a special combination of love and tension between mothers and daughters. Perhaps she instinctively knows it would be easier for the two you to not work in the same place. Would you have liked to work professionally with your mother?

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  6. My kid the surgeon made it perfectly clear that he wouldn’t work with me either in private practice. He still thinks that only academic physicians can provide excellent care. *sigh I remember that ivory tower arrogance.
    I hope the brat thinks that I was an exception to that.


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