The Doohickey 

 Ocean at sunset 

There is a little device at the end of my kitchen faucet. I have wondered why. All it seems to do is get debris lodged in it from the road construction in the area. It has been explained to me that the pounding from breaking up old road stirs up sediment and such within the water mains. Who knew that happened? Makes one wonder how much dirt and debris actually gets ingested…

But I digress. 

From time to time enough debris accumulates that I cannot get enough water flow to turn on the tankless water heater. So that doohicky has to be removed, cleaned out, then reinserted. This has been managed successfully a few times since the road construction started over a year ago (they move slow). Well, that is UNTIL last week. 

Part of it broke.

Turns out, that little piece of plastic regulates flow and keeps water from spraying all over the place. Who knew that having your forearms soaked while doing dishes would be so annoying?!?!!?

The kicker? The piece cannot be replaced. I have to purchase another gosh darn faucet. I happen to love the astheticism of this faucet. We have been together for over twelve years, longer than a lot of people’s marriages. None of the other faucet options speak to me. So it is spray down the kitchen every time I turn on the hot water or spend money on an ugly and expensive faucet (those silly things are not cheap folks).


Curse you, public works department!!!! Curse you people who want driveable roads!


52 thoughts on “The Doohickey 

  1. In my experience, the expense of the new faucet pales in comparison to the pain of installing it. It is all done laying on your back under the sink, working above your head in the little tiny space between the back of the sink and the wall. You can’t even get a light in there to see what is going on. It’s time to polish up your Tom Sawyering, ’cause if you don’t like buying the faucet, you sure won’t like paying the plumber.

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  2. I’m with Dave. I’ve installed a new one, and it makes for a lot of argument with the wife and sore spinal parts. Have you considered that insurance or a home warranty might help? Your insurance might even chase the contractors to contribute.

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  3. No Doctor, not this time. It isn’t curse you people who want to improve the roads. It’s curse the manufacturers of complicated object who won’t replace a small component so that you must buy a new and expensive one. I was presented with a watch when I left teaching and five years later it stopped. It is just a small component where the battery sits, but to get it fixed it has to be sent top the manufacturer somewhere in California all the way from Australia. The costs all up are such that it now sits in the bottom of a drawer in my desk and I don’t wear a watch anymore. Planned Obsolescence was introduced by GM in America and then became a part of the American production system.
    And now we all pay for it. But it does keep people in jobs and shops and factories working and the worlds resources being depleted and global warming increasing. Just like people – we keep working then we get worn out then we die. So I guess you have to buy a new faucet.

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  4. the doo-hicky on our faucet would also plug because of the sediment from our rural water…I took the sucker out and threw it away. Fortunately, it is a different design and doesn’t hose me when I use it. We do get our water tested annually so other than ingesting a little sediment, I feel great. 🙂 Grandpa lived to be 99, he loved his whisky, chewed until the day he died, fried his taters in real lard and drank rural well water for 60 year.. all of this to say I’m going to take my chances with no doo-hicky.

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