Beyond the Focus


This photo looked great when I reviewed it on my SLR camera’s screen. It was not until I returned home from France and was able to view it on the big computer screen that I realized it was so out of focus. 

I kicked myself for missing the opportunitiy. Of only I had enlarged it, looked closer, taken a few extra shots just in case. This would have been breathtaking had it been focused correctly. I still get pangs when I look at it.

There are other times when what I think I see is not really there.

When people come into the clinic for their few minutes with me, I get little snap shots of what is actually a great masterpiece. The whole is too big for me to ever see completely.

Sometimes the picture looks better from this angle or that one. I adjust the view, make assumptions, change the exposure time, edit the image. Often what I end up with has only a faint resemblance to the original or I end up focused on the part of the image that is irrelevant.

That woman with the STD for instance:

She doesn’t have it because her husband of 20 years is cheating on her. It isn’t even because she is cheating on him. It is because they had a foursome for her birthday with a couple of strangers.

And THAT is why people are so much fun and why making assumptions about others will land us all in trouble eventually…


79 thoughts on “Beyond the Focus

  1. A foursome for her birthday, wow. I could never imagine doing that in a million years. I don’t think my husband the doctor has ever heard that one within an exam room. You are so right, you never really see the entire masterpiece! N.

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  2. At least she was truthful…unless she actually had a fivesome.
    Seriously though, I don’t think my dad was ever truthful with his doctors about his drinking until the last few years of her life. I know my mom never takes her medications quite as prescribed…..she and her stash of library books have more knowledge than the establishment(in her mind). Of course her doctor doesn’t know this….so yes I can get totally see how the doctor only gets a snapshot when the patient won’t reveal the big picture

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  3. I have a hard time telling the difference between a shot that was messed up due to being out-of-focus, or due to camera shake. I’ve found that camera speeds of 1/20 second or faster tends to avoid the camera shake problem. It’s very disappointing when that happens. Okay, where do I find foursomes, and how do I convince my wife they’re a good thing?

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  4. Somewhere in a box in Kentucky I have a whole bunch of out of focus pictures of wonderful places, from Italy to Austria to Ireland to… Crappy pictures if you are looking to impress a photography professor or editor, but still great at evoking wistful memories. Who Hoo (literally) for the foursome! Too bad it ended with an STD. Stupid biology.

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  5. STD the gift that keeps on giving…. what a birthday gift. Great point about not getting the whole picture or judging or making assumptions. I would have not been able to not laugh…. STRANGERS…..Husband to man on street, “Hello, my name is Bob. Would you and your companion like to come over and have coffee and sex with my wife and I? We can have cake afterwards. bwhhhahhhah,

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  6. Oh no! Did you forget about the previous weekend when her husband went to the dude ranch with all the sheep? Oh well, good to know what my doc thinks about now, ha! You will just have to go back to France, I have really been enjoying your photos, exactly what I would take pics of too!

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  7. The photo is not that out of focus. I have taken much worse. My thumb is usually included in the photo. I found it quite beautiful. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have traveled, but never to France so the photo will remain in my minds eye and it is crystal clear. :o)
    As far as the foursome I think I will delete that one. I am not judging, I am just from a different era and have different morals. On the bright side I never had a STD, thank goodness, I hear they can be pretty messy. Ugh. :o)

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  8. Obviously this couple had not heard of a wonderful little invention called a condom which while not 100 percent effective greatly reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections …! In the UK there are separate STD clinics so people need not go to their GP if they are embarrassed to do so with an STD. Kevin

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  9. I’ve done that same thing, taking photos and thinking they were in focus only to find out they weren’t. Shot an entire sequence of a bald eagle flying down into a river, grabbing a fish and flying off, only to discover that my shutter speed was way too slow and it was all blurry (stupid mistake- forgot I’d adjusted shutter speed). It just about killed me. Just love your story about making assumptions! Having grown up the daughter of a physician, I always had some sort of medical doctor for my care. These days, I use naturopaths and love being able to take the time and sit and talk for 15-20 minutes before she even takes my blood pressure. Yes, no nurse or medical assistant. And my other naturopath uses his intuitive talents to know whether a supplement or medication will work with my body before giving it to me. He can intuitively “see” the energy of it and tell if it resonates with my body or not. Wish all doctors had someone like that on staff. Love that!

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