I don’t know if it is true that I diagnose more bad things in December than other months but sometimes it feels that way. Maybe it is because people have finally met their deductables for the year and want to get all of that testing done that I recommended earlier.

Or maybe it is simply because we all feel the sadness of a bad prognosis more acutely during the holidays.


53 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. It was always the same in dentistry. So many people waited, for months, through toothaches and broken teeth, root canals and extractions…then came the panic and the need to be seen right this minute before Dec 31. Typically by then they were being referred to our surgery office because no options were open save to extract. This time of year seems to be bringing out sadness in general…it’s hard to find happiness some days what with all that is happening 😦

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  2. January is often the month when the illness we didn’t have time to address rears its head. Even for the simple things like colds, flu, viral infections. Busy moms are especially notorious for not taking the time to recognize that they’re sick…too much to do. When the holidays pass, you let down your guard.

    But…the serious diagnoses…heartbreaking. So sorry, Doc. December hugs to you.

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  3. It was the second night in last week that I realized I didn’t actually have sepsis and the doctors just hadn’t listened to my history when making the call. I knew the cultures would reveal nothing. So here I was, trying desperately to get some sleep and they brought in a guy who was 31. I know, because he talked loud, in the room next to me. I was there for pneumonia and sinusitis (and my history) and this guy came in for back pain. Until they brought him next to me. The oncology floor. His back pain was some kind of cancer in his liver, lungs, and back. He was loud and arrogant sounding, and obviously scared out of his mind. I felt it, hard. I couldn’t wait to get released so I wasn’t taking up a room from someone who truly needed it and would start a difficult fight right now at the holidays. Took another day and a half, but I am home. I hope he makes it.

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  4. I read somewhere* that more people die on holidays than on other days, and that more people die on Christmas than any other day. So it makes sense that they bring their deadly problems to you just in time for them to, well,, you know.

    * I did not read this on my blog. I did LIVE it, but the writing came much much later.

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