Growing Pains


My daughter has been letting her hair grow long. She wants to look like Rapunzel, she says. It is almost down to her waist… golden and gorgeous. 

I am quite jealous. 

And, secretly, rather proud. 

However, there is this certain part of a certain Disney version of Rapunzel where her hair gets cut and it changes from golden blonde to brown…

My daughter had to try it out at school yesterday. 

Now there is a very big chunk of hair missing from the right side of her head. Very big.

I cannot be mad. Hair does grow back, after all. Secretly, I am proud of how ballsy was to chop her hair off and I am proud of her curiosity. Truthfully, I feel bad for her now that she knows her hair is not magical. HOWEVER, her school program is on Friday and Santa is visiting tomorrow and there will not be time to get that hair “fixed” beforehand. It is going to require a professional and I just cannot rationalize canceling patients for my daughter’s vanity and my own bitter pride.

So if you happen to see her before Saturday…. yes, I know. Just pretend it isn’t there…


120 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. It’ll make a wonderful story for all of you. It already does.

    I cut mine the morning of 5th Grade class pictures. I was still smiling in the picture, and it is actually the best of all of those canned shots!

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  2. I remember a time when my sister, one year older than me, cut my hair just before out of town company arrived. She said we would cut each others hair and she would cut mine first then I could do hers. She cut mine alright but then she chickened out. Boy was my mom mad! We were 3 and 4!

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  3. They all do this, yeah? Bubba and Sissy went behind the sofa to play hair salon, Bubba ended up with a Marine regulation haircut and Sissy with a bob and unflattering bangs. Sassy cut a small section of her long hair short (found it while braiding.) Seems she and Moo needed to act out “Tangled.” Moo chopped out a section of her bangs so that she would not have bangs anymore. (Haha, joke’s on her!) She was teased at school about it for awhile, but it was pre-k, so nothing too bad there. My nephew also gave himself a bang trim, ON MY WATCH, and left his watered hair in the windowsill to see if it would grow. ❀
    Hair cutting is surely a childhood highlight πŸ™‚

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  4. I don’t know how old your daughter is but there’s a hair-fad going around. Women and girls cut one side of their head buzz-cut short, maybe a third of it or so, and leave the rest long. I first saw this on a teen-ager at the Y a couple of weeks ago and thought at the time that maybe she was to have surgery or had some medical condition that required it. But the other night I saw it again on a woman singing on the Frank Sinatra TV special. I decided I’m fine with it. Sure beats tattoos and piercings!

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  5. Daughter was about 9 when she did hers. Jim was beside himself. The biggest problem was it had to be fixed BEFORE her mother saw her, as mother would take it out on Jim, not daughter. I did what I could — found a salon that would let her come in — that was in the old days when you couldn’t walk into Cost Cutters, 34 years ago, yes, we were just married — and took her. The lady repaired it as well as she could. The hair was THICK, so the only option was to make the hair SHORT. No way to blend it in and pretend it never happened. It looked okay though not perfect, and as far as I remember, we didn’t “get in trouble”. UGH. Not one of my favorite memories.

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  6. Hope you can see the humor in this, and I also have to congratulate you on not completely freaking out. The 3 year old granddaughter recently got her first haircut, and we have also been practicing a lot on scissor skills so of course she thought that it would be appropriate to try a little self-hair cutting one day. Not really noticeable in this case, but maybe we went a bit overboard on the cutting skills as she obviously has the confidence to attempt her own trimming…
    How about a cute hat…would that solve any dilemmas until the hair returns?

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  7. Just cut the rest of it off in a choppy manner and tell everyone it’s the newest trendy haircut.

    I never cut off my own hair, but when I was quite little I decided to play hairdresser with my favorite doll. Guess what – dolly hair does NOT grow back. I was devastated.

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  8. Ha! I think it is some kind of rights of passage to have a photo showing a self styled hair attempt, and just in time for the holidays, how delightful! I am sad her hair is not magical though, imagine how sad she must have been to discover that! I had one where my sister, 5, cut my bangs, I was 3. They were beyond crooked and REALLY short. You’re right, it’s just hair.

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  9. she is probably in style…I did not think this was such a common thing. I did it too. Very long hair, cut the very top of my head to match my brothers crew cut. My Mom was furious but she managed to pull hair over it and I lived…

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  10. I did it, my daughter did it, and when I was older I did the equivalent with “sun in”(please warn her about that one) It’s a girl thing I guess. Maybe she can wear a Santa hat or a scarf? When I turned my hair orange (carrot top) in eight grade my mom made me grow it out and it was awful. All I wanted was blonde hair and now that I am old and battling the gray, all I want is my dark hair back. The blonde highlights are easier and more cost efficient but all I want is my dark hair back. Hair is a life long struggle I think. I am sure you will find a clever way to make it better before the big event. πŸ™‚

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  11. My daughter (age 21) recently cleaned out her room and gave me her American Girl dolls to find a home for…”What happened to their hair?!”. A shrug. Her own hair has not seen a professional cut since about age 8. So I guess she outsourced the impulse…(K)

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  12. I guess this is universal. There is a whole series of my toddler pictures with big hunks of my bangs chopped out. I used baby scissors.
    Your daughter is brave and I think your attitude is perfect. Hair can be so emotional and your keeping calm about it is a wonderful example.

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  13. That was a gutsy move. I had long blonde hair when I was young and would never have thought to cut it off. I don’t think I thought of the hair as mine–my mother or grandmother always braided it, combed it, even washed it for me. No one ever asked me, but had they, I probably would have said that the hair on my head was theirs, not mine!

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