A Closer Look


“God knew what he was doing when he gave us age related presbyopia, Doc. Not being able to see the wrinkles eases the blow of aging. THEN someone had to go and invent magnification mirrors. It was only natural that antidepressants would have to follow…” 


73 thoughts on “A Closer Look

  1. Love the photograph accompanying the hilarious comment from your patient. Honestly it sounds just like me – I thought whoa not too bad in the wrinkle department. Until one day my smart husband bought me a magnifying mirror (I was complaining that I couldn’t see my tiny wandering ebrow hairs to pull them) and wouldn’t you know I scared myself half-to-death with the amazing lines drawn all over my face! Like, what?! is this all about!

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  2. HAHAHAHA!! Isn’t that the truth?!!
    Unfortunately I’ve needed corrective lens since I was 11 and magnifying mirrors have been a godsend to people like me who would also like to wear makeup without looking like a clown.
    Downside …. now I’m much, much older. Ugh. I don’t like what I can see :/

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  3. I bought a 10 X mirror for work to take cat and dog fur out of my eyes. Always seem to get one and then cannot find it with a regular mirror. When I saw myself or should I say my nose, I was horrified. I thought holy smackers, I can’t walk around all day with that nose…..lololo When I finally got to the bathroom mirror I laughed,…you could not see all those pores and “stuff”… lololo but had a good hour of angst covering my face in the prior meeting

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  5. I had a patient tell me this week “did you see that guy? I went to high school with him. He looks great no wrinkles but he’s bald. I have all of my hair and all of these wrinkles. Who is luckier?” I just stare at him and half smile…what am I supposed to say? He proceeds this with “have you seen the women my age? He then shudders and says “I just can’t do it….don’t get old.” He followed that with something about just trying to be funny. He was single and vain….sometimes it’s hard to feel bad for some people. Personally I am trying to ignore the fact that sometimes I have to hold my phone out a little further to read it…..

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