Jesteś całym moim światem…


She last visited him at the Vatican the day before he died.

What did she say to him after all of those years? 

What else could she say?

Jesteś całym moim światem.

Thirty years of friendship, longing, love, bittersweet joy, and sadness. 

With a pope. 

Now a saint.

It doesn’t matter if there was a physical component to their relationship. Sometimes love transcends the physical. It transcends time and distance.


Love is immortality. 

Love is sainthood.

GOD is love.


40 thoughts on “Jesteś całym moim światem…

  1. Indeed God is Love. A point frequently missed by those who kill and hate in His name.In most religious writings,God identifies Himself as Love first and foremost – establishing a hierarchy of concepts that seems poorly understood. by His followers. For instance when David was on the run and ate the blessed bread in a church, God made it clear that even though the bread was holy and not to be eaten,that David was doing God’s work and was hungry – so he ate. A hierarchy. Many Christians fail to understand this when they refuse accept same sex relationships – Love comes first, all else takes second fiddle.And many other transgressions are perpetuated when a lesser law is broken in order to obey a greater law. We do this automatically as humans – if you were to break down someone’s front door and enter their home without permission,you would be guilty of breaking the law. If you saw smoke and flame coming from the same house you are required to enter and warn the inhabitants – and you can be jailed for negligent homicide if you DON’T break down the door (or take other action to warn and help).A hierarchy – in this case the safety of the inhabitants is higher than their property rights. Same is true in God – for God is Love and any actions taken in His name that do not reflect that are not of Him.

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  2. Indeed He is, what many tend to forget.
    Reading that phrase and your text made me assume you might be Polish and a catholic. (And living in Philly!) Careful Doc, don’t blow away your cover. 😉
    Having said that, I do agree with you. Too many people have fussed about that story.
    Love is love.
    (And again an interesting reminder of the variety of subjects that come to your attention. So many people focus on one or two things only. Football and beer for instance. Thanks for the variety)

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