Staying Home


It was supposed to be a day off.

I got up at 6am (sleeping in a bit) so I could get the kids ready for their father to take them to school and to get a head start on getting my clinic work done remotely so I could enjoy the rest of the day.

Except I could not log in.

My password expired over the weekend.


I tried and tried and tried to log on, praying for a miracle that never came.

After an hour of futile attempts, I had to bundle everything off and drive the thirty minutes to the office to get connected to the system network. I sat in the parking lot in my car and snuck onto the wifi from there because I knew that if I went inside I would be sucked into who knows what. 

I always get sucked into crap…

Once the password was fixed I spent an hour in the parking lot on the computer addressing the most urgent things, then drove 30 minutes back home to spend another two and a half hours addressing the remaining lab work, portal messages, and refill requests that had accumulated over the weekend. 

So much for working on charts in the nude.*

Now, it is almost noon. Half a day off wasted.

Should you feel sorry for me? Nah. I ask not for pity. I simply write about this to let you know what your doctor is likely doing on their day off instead of playing golf….  

This is why taking time off often stresses me out more than being at work does.

*Not seriously. 


110 thoughts on “Staying Home

  1. See? When you make plans to work in the nude this kind of stuff happens. The trick is to start working fully dressed so that you mess around with fate. After fate leaves the building you can get naked. It’s a fool proof plan..:)

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  2. Not to mention the fact that you’ll probably be doing laundry too. At least I do whenever I work from home. My husband who work from home all the time, never considers doing his. He waits for me to come home and then slips it in before I can get to the washer ….

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  3. See, that’s the bad part about being a professional type person. On my days off, I just tell everyone my computer and phone are both broken, so don’t even try to reach me.

    And then, of course, I have to stay off Facebook because half my co-workers are on there, too, and they can see that I lied about the computer.

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  4. Actually don’t the stats say that fewer stillborn babies are delivered when doctors are off? (Sorry doc. This is in reply to the comment above). The fate does not force us to turn those computers on, we do it to ourselves. I’ve had this exact issue with the password a couple of times. When when the warning comes: your password expires in 15 days I do not press snooze anymore. πŸ™‚

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    • My worming comes in the form of a five second flash in the bottom right hand screen but once it disappears my day is going. The actual email warning with the link occurs 24 hrs beforehand… Which is fine except that it came on Saturday.Sigh.

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  5. Isn’t it typical that a much looked forward to day off can end up less than perfect, and another less anticipated day can be excellent.
    I must admit to smiling at your sitting in the car park to avoid all kinds. I think many people will identify with that.
    Maybe you’ll have more luck next time.

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    • It is a funny thought! I figured I would be honest about it. I have found that if I experience something, I am hardly special. Hundreds if not thousands of people have done or felt the exact same thing! πŸ™‚


  6. When you are taking the day, let the password wait. Perfect excuse lost now so now you are working remotely. I go away for a week where is no WiFi, no tv, and no cable, and cabin by a lake. Loons calling, bald eagles, clear icy water and noisy squirrels. Very restful as I sit and drink the fresh air, canoe, read or hike. So nice to disconnect.

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  7. I think there is enough stress on a doctor knowing people depend on them for their well being that the damn (but please insert many more and more vulgar cuss words here ) insurance companies should leave them alone and let them do the doctoring. Sorry. It ALWAYS goes back to insurance companies for me.

    Please, by all means do your charting at home how ever you are most comfortable. πŸ™‚

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  8. The spires in the photo look like the top of the duomo in Milan, but I don’t think it had a courtyard or garden like this. You package is in the mail and should be there tomorrow or the next day. Better late than never, huh?! πŸ™‚ ❀

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  9. I’ve had occasional success with mini vacations and think they are healthy, in addition to the big getaways of course. I’m thinking of something like a massage or a walk/run where you leave your phone in the car.

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  10. That’s a bummer – having to go park to update your password on your day off. I noticed that you mentioned you may, in the future, have the opportunity to a relax a bit more – are you changing your schedule? It would be good to reduce your stress levels some.

    I have driven a tractor trailer down south in just my underwear and cowboy boots. A few times, if my A/C was broken and I had to make a delivery and the temps were over 100 – I’d drive in my boxers with all the windows open. No one could see anything below my chest anyway. Ha! One day I just had pants on and was driving in the heat – this particular truck had a vent down by my left foot and I had it open. There was a screen over the vent but somehow a big bumblebee got through the screen and flew up my pant leg while I was doing 60 mph on the highway. I was swatting at the bee which had made its way up to my knee while I was trying to get my pants off and stay on the road. Eventually I got my pants off and the bee flew free out the window. Surprisingly, the little guy didn’t sting me and I did manage to stay on the road. Ahhh, the hazards of the heat.

    Glad you got a chance to relax at least some.

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    • Oh, my. People just have no idea what truck drivers go through! I would have not held it together as well as you did. I am going to take a bigger chunk of time off this summer and will take a trip with the kids. Maybe the Grand Canyon or Arches or Yellowstone…. πŸ˜‰ Not sure that will reduce my stress but maybe I will get some good photos out of it!

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      • I haven’t been to Yellowstone but the Grand Canyon is mind blowing. You can stand with your toes hanging off the edge and the first piece of ground is a mile below. Honestly Victo it is the only sight I have ever seen where I completely lose any sense of me looking at something and instead I get totally absorbed by the view as if I was a part of it. Wild. I was running double with another driver and we got laid over in Phoenix, so we drove up to the Grand Canyon and spent 2 days. Unbelievable. i did some back of the envelope calculations and if you took every human who has ever existed and everything humanity has ever built, it would all fit into a small portion of the Grand Canyon.with lots of space left over – scary thought.

        Anyway, I hope your vacation goes well – you deserve a break and the kids will enjoy a relaxed Mom.(P.S. if you like turquoise jewelry there are small native shops along the road that sell hand made stuff that is gorgeous.)

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    • We are slaves and fools. I think back to the years I spent paper charting…. It was so much simpler, more streamlined, and dare I say I was able to take better care of patients with fewer errors. But at the time all I wanted was to go back to an electronic health record. I didn’t grow up plugged into video games for days at a time as a kid. Maybe the next generation’s brains have evolved enough that they will be able to use the technology better? Dunno.


      • Don’t count on it. You should see my 14-year old when we take her phone away. She has a physical reaction. She and her friends are truly addicted. I know this is a tired old line I’ve used over and over but if I could put the genie back in the bottle, I’d do it in a second.

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      • So would I. If people understood the details of what truly happens on my end with the IT component of healthcare they would demand their paper charts back. It is frightening. My brain is not the same as it once was, rewired for survival. The margin for error is tremendous and frightening and I lose sleep over it. Maybe the new EHR will be better but I am not holding out much hope. It is absolutely ridiculous to have to spend 3-4 hrs on a day off catching up when I was caught up when I closed my computer Friday evening. Today will be worse. There will be 80-90 items that accumulated over the day I was out….


      • It would be depressing. Factoring in call and such. People just have no idea…. BUT that being said, I do better than many people in this world and for that I am truly grateful and humbled. πŸ˜›


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  12. I don’t think anyone actually gets a day off any more. We’re too connected. When I started working…no computer, no cell phone, there weren’t even answering machines in those days. It was a time when you actually could “get away”. Now there’s no away. (K)

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  13. Maybe just stay in your PJs, and soft, fluffy slippers. Slowly sip your coffee, and take time to notice the taste, and really enjoy it. Play some of your favorite music, in the background, maybe sing along, if the mood strikes you. Then, later, if you want to get dressed, go out for a nice, unhurried lunch. I’m thinking Lobsterfest! πŸ™‚

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  14. For some reason, c licking on the “leave a comment” box for today’s post (Wed) lead to “Page Not Found”. Actually, so did the link from my email, but I got it through the “Home” link on this one.

    My comment was going to be brilliant and perceptive. Of course. If I could only remember what it was!

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  15. Two thoughts come to mind after reading your post:
    1. how can hackers get into secure sites when it’s so easy to disable our work life with a simple password expiring? Boggles the mind.
    2. No one should judge another person (or profession) without walking a long mile in those difficult shoes. We are so quick criticize about abundant “time off” of certain professionals without considering what it took to get to be that professional, what the daily stressors are like that require the “down time” and the myth of the “down time.” I was a college professor and, while I had control over my time, I was constantly improving my courses and my craft. I never had a “summer off.” Never.

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  16. Well aware of that. Daughter #1 (though pregnant – did I tell you?) very regularly spends her sunday evenings going to the hospital to do a last-minute check on patients…
    And since you are a bit of a control-freak (self-admitted) I can imagine the terror that starts building up after a few hours with the staff left alone… πŸ™‚
    (Take a plane to Paris. NO phone, no mail…)

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