The Scent of Flowers

pink tulips

“Doc, I just want him to send me flowers. But if I have to say it, it cheapens the whole thing. So when he comes in for his physical exam this afternoon do you think you could work that suggestion into the conversation somehow?” 

“Um, sure…”

Family practice is truly awesome. πŸ™‚


83 thoughts on “The Scent of Flowers

  1. Oh, doc, you are a healer of the heart. πŸ™‚ Wow, this is warming, almost like in the days when the doctor used to come in to the house. We were at a house of Dr. John A. Kennicott, a Chicagoland pioneer practicing physician, horticulturist, editor, and one of the organizers of the land-grant college system in America (1802-1863), and it had some neat stories how he would save people’s lives around here, and all the praise for this pioneer doctor. I am sure the job involved all those things like being a messenger between the spouses too!

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    • “During your wife’s visit earlier today she mentioned that she really likes flowers. I don’t want to get all into your business but when was the last time you got her flowers?” Blank stare. “Maybe you could pick some up on the way home this afternoon?” “She put you up to this, didn’t she?”

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  2. Dr Freud meets Mrs Sigmund? That is a roar.
    And pray tell, how did you work that “into the conversation”?
    PS. You could put together a book: The daily life of a Family Practitioner in Pocahontas, Iowa…

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      • True, but think about a book. I’ve not read all your stories, only a few, but you have a tone (attitude?) that is pleasant. And straight to the point which I like. It would make for a good book. That or a course: “What they won’t ever teach you in Med school”

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      • LOL! Thank you. I secretly hoped that my blog would take off and work in that capacity to some extent. I fantasized about med students flocking to it. Won’t happen. I am not that good at promotion AND I find when something takes off on Facebook or when I was Freshly Pressed it made me feel nervous and exposed. So we will see…

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      • Freshly pressed han? Impressed. (I’ve yet to get there). You do work hard at keeping your privacy, which is all the better since you touch upon delicate subjects. But still, a book is a nice dream… πŸ˜‰

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  3. I once knew a girl who had this thing for ice cream. Every time she wanted ice cream she had this look and almost went wild. She really appreciated her ice cream moments.

    Every time she gave me that look and she said “ice cream!” it was time for ice cream. I ignored it twice in the beginning. After that I only wanted to see her smile.

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