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I have a love hate relationship with my step tracker. 

Lately, I find myself wandering the house aimlessly just so I can wrack up extra steps. Or blogging while I walk. Did you know you can do that? Not safely but you can. I curse at my phone when it fails to register that flight of stairs I just climbed.  Best not to blog on the stairs, though, trust me on that one. The pittance of calories it says I earned must be bogus because by golly, I broke a sweat there…

My exercise level may be better but I am crabbier and the pacing is making people nervous. I have therefore reached a conclusion. Exercise is good but there is something to be said for just being still, too.

For years I have believed that in addition to being intellectually and emotionally challenging, my job at the clinic was also physically demanding. On my feet, moving. All day long. I scoffed at the 10,000 step thresholds. Why, I must overshoot that every single day! It was full on step snobbery… until I measured it.

The truth of my ten thousand steps?

Not so much. 

In fact, not even close.

Care to hazard a guess?


100 thoughts on “Statuesque 

  1. 4,000? I also blog while walking. In fact, I am typing this while I walk, as I type any post during working hours. I feel better when I walk and better when I blog, but I only have enough “free” time to do one … or both simultaneously! 🙂


  2. Both you and the Closet Monster are clearly more coordinated than I am. If I tried to blog while I walk I’d end up lying down. Face first.

    I hit 10,000 steps every day for about a month. Then I decided that was overrated. I still try to hit it a few times a week. My step counter keeps sticking it’s tongue out at me. It also likes to taunt me by hovering just under the mark. Asshole.

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  3. If I were to blog while I walk, then I would do both v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y.

    My step tracker had the opposite effect — I found that I actually walk more than I thought — about 12,000 steps a day (the printer is on the far side of the office from my office). So it didn’t encourage me at all. And then the time went off by 1/2 an hour and I can’t fix it. And then it stopped tracking my sleep. And then it wouldn’t hold a charge ….

    I’m guessing 9,000 for you.

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  4. Ha! 2,000 steps? Modern offices are deliberately designed to minimize steps to maximize productivity. I can tell you a solution to your problem but it would be a bit disruptive: I was reading recently about nutrition and they compared the necessary caloric intake for various jobs (doctor was not very high – but higher than my fat lazy ass blogging 😀 ) and I was flabbergasted to see that Arctic Oilfield workers burn on average 12,500 calories a day (I think sedentary male was about 1,900 calories).They literally have to plan blocks of time just for eating and they feed them the best. Mind you’d get dirty but you could meet some cute guys:

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  5. About 5K? Year ago I got plenty of exercise: walking to and from the dart board and picking them up from the floor!
    These days we’ve calculated we walk between 2 and 3 miles every day. It knackers us, but the dog’s fit!

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  6. Hmmm. Let’s see… 40 steps per patient, 100 patients per day. That’s 4000 right there.

    Wait. Maybe 100 patients per day is too many. Maybe 40 steps is too low. How about 20 X 50? Plus 1000 for chasing the kids. Times a safety factor. Ok, 4000.

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      • Sigh. I can’t run that early—much too clumsy.

        The safety factor was a last second addition that I didn’t really believe. I don’t know how big your office is or how many patients you see daily, but those numbers were intended to generous. My initial guess was 2500, and I thought that might be too high.

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      • Less than 2,500! I have a little corner of my office. Walk a few steps, sit. Walk a few more steps. Sit. Pot holes are a serious issue. I am learning the location of those by Braille of sorts. My ankle discovered a new one this AM…

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      • My daughter’s house lets you go around a circle–living room, dining room kitchen, hall… She likes to dance around the circle in the evenings to get her count up. Lots of little tiny short steps. After all, a step is a step. So, you might try dancing to your next patient. Should brighten the mood in the office, too–assuming they don’t put you in a straight jacket and haul you away.

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  7. Well, 4,235 is my guess. LOL.

    I walk MUCH more at the office than when working from home (Office vs RV, durrr); however, I hit 10K or close to it (~9,600) about 4x a week. Some days I’m over 13K. Do I look like I’m that active? No. People probably suspect I’m walking to the fridge 400 times a day.

    I walk the dog 20 mins +/- morning and evening right now. But I’m moving (again) and no place to walk dog but living space is 3x bigger. Hope it balances out 🙂

    My personal pet peeve is when the dang thing falls off while I am sleeping. Why I am not sure. I had no idea how much I slept before a couple of months ago, hah!

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      • I came to the conclusion that all steps are not created equally. As you mentioned, there are the *fluff* steps we do to get our numbers up, and then the really hardcore steps that are sweaty and challenging.
        Yeah – I’ve decided the step counter is not my friend.

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  8. All my mathing is pretty much guessing, so I’ll guess you’re at about half? I don’t understand the whole 10k steps thing at all. I looked it up once, so I could try to understand, but I just don’t. Who devised this? I know a woman who got aggravated and put the thing on her Labrador and even he didn’t meet the 10k goal.
    When I asked Google to convert 10k steps were in miles, it told me about 5 miles. Well FFS. I walk about a mile whenever possible, but I’m certain I rarely walk 5 miles a day. Maybe when it’s a walking excursion, like campus tours, the fair, or hiking. Three miles is about all me or my dog can take, depending on the weather. I like walking, but 5 miles is a big chunk of a day!
    Anyway, as a non-fitness, non-mathing person, I feel like 10k step people may as well be hamsters on a wheel.
    I say shake your booty to your favorite songs between patients. More fun, more stress relief, better vibe.

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  9. I don’t think they let you count the foot movements that help to propel you around on that rolling stool do they? I bet that’s why the count came out lower than you expected 😉

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  10. From someone who has limited mobility (right now) I would be grateful for every step. I am sure Doc you are very mobile and do a LOT of exercise daily. But meditation is also great. Stillness has its own rewards.

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  11. Is there a prize for guessing the closest number? Some fresh bread? 🙂
    In my previous job we had teams with steppers. I have a sitting job. Just work and home, I would get about 4-5K. Most days I take walks in the woods, 2-3 miles, that pushes me over 10K. Now we just all got steppers again, they kept luring me into a team (Empire Steps Back is the name!) and no way, I hate being attached to a stepper or a phone, or anything that counts. I cannot stand the thing, actually. In fact, I will vote for a presidential candidate who runs on a campaign to abolish all measuring devices. 🙂

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  12. I used to do 20-25k steps a day when I was in retail management. It was a love/hate relationship. Then I took a desk job in corporate banking. BIG MISTAKE for my step count. I now make sure and take a few walks a day at work and I do walks at home (in the neighborhood or even laps around the couch) so I can get 15k-20k a day now. I make it happen! I totally feel you on not realizing how FEW steps are taken when we think we are doing so much more.

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  13. I’m sure we’d all be shocked, Doc, about how much lower it is than expected. I burned through 3 pedometers back a while, resisted the urge to go Fitbit. I just walk until I no longer can. It’s working for me. Don’t really care about those 10, 000 steps. ☺ Be well.

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  14. Before pregnancy and in the summer I could easily log 16k+ steps per day. It also helped with I had fit bit challenges with friends. But now I’m lucky if I get to 6k on a working day and 3k in a day off. It makes me sad to see that I am 9th it 10th in my weekly ranking among friends. Not cool…

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  15. I got a Fitbit for Christmas and the novelty has worn off. Plus the electrodes have done something to my skin. It looks as if some weird snake has bitten me on my lower arm!

    I think it’s unnatural to obsess over exercise and calories. How can anyone be healthy while worrying about such things? Keeping it simple seems the best way to approach almost everything in life. Move your body (dancing is my favorite way to get my heartbeat soaring) and don’t eat things that are clearly unhealthy (or eat them sparingly). Gets lots of rest and don’t watch the news, too! Hang around positive people and laugh a lot. And never take yourself too seriously. How’s that for a prescription for life? (I’m sure I missed some important things…oh yes, be humble, too!)

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  16. Since I read your posts LIFO, I already know the answer. I wonder if the number is the right measure. (And I’m a number cruncher) Let’s go qualitative: Do you feel you’re not walking enough? Can you walk to and fro from home to office? Nah? Car, right?
    (I just gave my car to my youngest daughter. 🙂 Walk or Uber, hehe!)
    Keep walking, Johny said…

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