A Mayday

Do you ever return here to survey the wreckage of the sinking ship you left behind when you saved yourself?

I hope so. 

Drowning is a terrible way to go… alone.

(No, I am not depressed. Mayday on May Day seemed especially ironic.)


47 thoughts on “A Mayday

  1. Not sure what your question is asking, but I’m dense that way. As for drowning, I’ve nearly done that a few times in my life. Fortunately I wasn’t alone those times. Never go swimming without a companion.

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  2. Those flowers are coming up in my garden right now, and I canΒ΄t wait to see them in bloom! This month is my Mayday anniversary month, and I do habitually go back during this month and especially on this day to see where I was. I am very far away from where I was and yet never far enough.

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  3. Mmmm, good point Victo – returning to the scene of the wreck.When I was trucking there was always the pressure to make more miles, do more trips, haul more in each load. I had enough incidents over the years that I could revisit various sites as I passed places where they happened. Even big ones where others failed and I had to watch until; ti was cleaned up. The thousands of miles of roads became very personal and dense with history. As the years went by I developed the ability to see myself in an accident that hadn’t happened yet, as a direct result of unsmart actions. I learned to slow down in bad weather by seeing the wreckage of my truck in the ditch the next morning when the storm was over and the sun shining and only the accident detritus remained. I learned to load less weight when I could picture broken wheels and busted suspension. i learned when to park and sleep in bad weather – trading miles for the rest needed to do those miles later while reducing exposure to accidents. (When the going gets tough, the tough go to bed – Ha!). I learned to take coffee breaks when tired and to avoid driving directly into a setting or rising sun. And so on. As the years went by, the frequency of accidents dropped.

    I bet that is true for you too Victo when diagnosing. Someone comes in with pale skin, red eyes and a limp in her left leg and you’ve seen that before and know precisely what tests to run to confirm your suspicions – far less wasted testing, improper treatment or any other potential incidents.

    Anyway, revisiting wreckage is a learning experience for me – have you ever seen the TV program “Mayday”? It is Canadian produced and goes by different names in different countries – there are about 140 episodes so far and they are shown in over 150 countries. They deal with the real analysis of mostly plane crashes (the occasional ship sinking or train wreck) and all the factors that contribute – they are like real live mysteries and the outcome is seldom obvious at the start. The findings are amazingly fair. Worth a watch.

    Great post Victo.

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    • I was not aware there was a TV show named that! Revisiting the wreckage can mean so many things. We learn from it, yes, but do we ever truly let it go? Is it healthy to keep coming back? Maybe it is. πŸ˜‰

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      • Interesting question Victo. In my head, it seems to slowly move from a bad thing to a learning experience and thus a positive outcome. I can “feel” the influence the wreckages from the past have in making positive changes in future decision making. That was my intention when I mentioned earlier that I could “see” the outcome before it became a wreck and change my behavior. Mayday: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayday_(TV_series).

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  4. Yes! It’s good for me to occasionally go back and remember what a mess I was 15 years ago so that I can appreciate how much better my life is now. Doing this helps me to not take today for granted.

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