Inside My Heart

Sacre Coeur in Paris, France

I see you in places I never expected.

Sometimes your eyes are staring back at me from the face of a stranger. You walk past me, your gait now belonging to another. I see the way your hand moved, the twist of an eyebrow, your laugh, the determined set of your chin, only…. it is not you.


They have all stolen you.

I don’t know if I should love all of these people or hate them.

Perhaps the better question is do I love or hate you?


54 thoughts on “Inside My Heart

  1. A very interesting piece of writing. It seems most of the commenters think this has to do with a broken relationship. I felt as though it had to do with death and the permanent loss of someone you love.

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  2. Your post was strong! i understand
    your feelings.
    “I have decided to stick with
    love. Hate is too great a burden
    to bear.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Easy to say, hard to walk the walk.
    I have allowed too many to live rent
    free in my head.

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  3. Sigh. So true Victo. Walking into a coffee shop and seeing her back and her hair and her fluidity of movement. Sure it is her, preparing your words and then she turns and it is a stranger. Such an empty feeling of having once again lost what you never had in the first place. How many times can one lose what one never had?

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  4. Compelling. I believe that what you see in others is merely a reflection of yourself. If you see hatred in others, there is hatred within you; if you see kindness in others, kindness rests inside you. The outside world is your mirror…

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  5. This resonates on so many levels. I can’t fathom loving people who remind me of a lost love; it would be like bdsm. It would mostly hurt, but feel good, and I would hate it because I kind of hate the person I’m recalling.

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