There are places that I cannot go,
Where your ghost still resides.
I leave the memories untouched 
Yours alone, a holy shrine.


33 thoughts on “Memorial 

  1. Indeed, this is a matter for sober reflection by the American 99% on the role of the 1%.

    I am indebted to blogger AFrankAngle for including in his recent blog the link to this Brookings Institute essay on war by Phil Klay. It is the best I have ever read. I almost skipped it, thinking it would be just another platitudinous paean to the virtues of military service for the holiday. Instead, I found the most incisive analysis of morality in war I’ve read since John Keegan’s The Face of Battle. It is truly remarkable and probably ought to be required reading at the service academies, although I somehow doubt that it will. Klay speaks a truth deserving of every citizen’s attention on this Memorial Day.

    For those who are willing to spend some time thinking about morality and war, here is the link:

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  2. I’m wondering what would happen if no one joined the USA military any longer…we haven’t had a draft in a long time. Maybe that would be the end of war as we know it….

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  3. On another note, Victoire, I have great news. I have found the Pew research center report on Millenials I had told you about. It’s in pdf. How do I get it to you? I haven’t seen a mail or a gravatar on your blog, but then I haven’t looked much. I would also understand (through many of your comments, on patients, on your hospital) your need for total privacy… The report I think you would find interesting. My mail is on my gravatar. If you want to maintain confidentiality, you can build a new mail address in a whiff., mail me and I’ll mail you the report back. Just let me know.
    Take care of yourself, Doc. Breathe deeply. And slowly. 😉

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