Meet A Blogger: Victo Dolore

Today I am over at Anxious Mom’s blog. Check it out!

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I’ve been doing the Meet A Blogger interviews since early on in the year, and my final question always asks the blogger to show some love and recommend a few other bloggers they’re really into. One of the names that has come up a lot is Victo Dolore, who blogs at Behind the White Coat.

As both a family physician and a mom, Victo covers many topics on her blogs. Meet A BloggerWhile many of her posts have a humorous side to them, you’ll often be left thinking. On top of that, stunning pictures always accompany her posts.

What’s your blog about and how did you get started blogging?

I started blogging, actually, as a way to force me to work a novel I had been dragging my feet on for years, Victo Dolore. It is about women, morality, and medicine and was set in Victorian times. My first post there…

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26 thoughts on “Meet A Blogger: Victo Dolore

  1. I wish I hadn’t read the posts by the cardiologist who claims not to be a “rabid anti-dentite.” As an ex-dental hygienist, my blood pressure probably shot through the roof. There were so many things I wanted to refute, but why bother. I thought the whole “AIDS in the dental office” thing was debunked and over, but I see it still lives on. I’m surprised he didn’t mention mercury amalgam fillings. *Sigh*

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