Their Fantasy

yellow flowers against a blue sky reflected in rhe water

When I was in residency, I worked hard to be more like the guys.

I played fantasy football. 

I cussed. A lot.

I learned to like scotch and cigars and golf.

Despite my best efforts, though, I was still always a woman. You simply cannot run away from the vagina. 

Fortunately, though, you can run away from fantasy football and cigars….


78 thoughts on “Their Fantasy

  1. Bwahaha! I was reading a fiction novel by an excellent award winning author and he had created a male character who was the president of the United States and a female character who was his wife and a world renowned surgeon. The author had these two characters discussing her job in the operating theater and how much it was a male world. She said that she wore frilly ankle socks that no one ever saw as a nod to her femininity. She said that no one else may have noticed but at least in her mind it helped retain her perspective when forced to work in a male oriented job.

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  2. Scotch definitely! I once had a woman surgeon who wore high heeled “red crocks” in
    the OR. – “Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz shoes.” Very feminine, dressed to
    the nines with high heels in her office, with a white jacket over her suit.
    I really laughed when I saw her in those croc heels. She is now Chair
    of the Department of Surgery at Penn Medicine – she is a great breast surgeon.
    Woman doctors rock! Don’t let those guys try that macho stuff on you!

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  3. I have always been so happy my husband does not like sports that much…he is a great outdoors man but not the competitive sports. Sitting around all day watching football would be like a nightmare to him! He doesn’t drink scotch either which leaves more for me…ha!

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  4. “You simply cannot run away from the vagina” – Best line I have read in a long time. And really why would you seek to run away. The Vagina is superior in all ways 😉

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  5. Yes, wherever you are -there your vagina will be! Thank goodness! It would be just one more thing I’d forget somewhere or lose! Being a doctor is becoming more and more of a girl’s club everyday. Soon the newbie guy docs will be taking painting classes and getting manicures to fit in with the ladies!

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  6. I worked in the world of men in the kitchens, under many chefs and other wanna be’s….even if I could do it better, and quicker, they always got the jobs…I was always looked over unless it was busy and they needed help or one of them didn’t come in to work then all of a sudden I was good enough to play with the big boys….one night we were swamped, (mind you it was a really busy Italian dinner house) before I always picked up the slack of the worthless wanna be’s…but this night I had taken enough of the BS…and let them get called out on the carpet for not having there portions ready to hit the plates as the chef….next day I was promoted and got a big bonus….man I hated to play the game in life because I was a women….kudos to you for trying….and even more hoorays for running away as fast as you could….LOL

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  7. I have always wanted to take up surgery and maybe neuro or onco surgery but it is still a male predominant branch in my country of practise . A few girls do take up surgery but the consultants all think our work is not as good as the boys. The general assumption is girls are either too sqeemish to produce quality result or they loose their feminine side whatever that means, as if we could ever lose it.
    I hope I’m not making a mistake by chosing this specialty. I don’t want to look back and think, I wish I had chosen some other branch instead. I know this is what I will chose but still there is a fear.

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