In The Hood 

thistle flower

I am a terrible single parent.

“Oh,” you say, “that cannot be true! You seem like a woman who has it all together.”

Through the magic of blogging, I have been fooling you. 

The truth is that when it is just me taking care of the kids, there are no baths. There is pizza every night. Tons of videos. The kids sleep in their street clothes. The house is in shambles. No dishes get done. Bedtime may or may not happen.

Mayhem reigns supreme. 

Their dad is awesome. I don’t talk about him much here but, honestly, I could not do the things I do without him helping to hold things together. He makes me look like a better person than I am. He makes the kids into better kids. He makes a fantastic chicken piccata.

So to him and to all of the other men who take fatherhood seriously, who serve as great dads to kids everywhere, we may not always tell you how special you are but please never underestimate the impact you have. 

Thank you for being you.


70 thoughts on “In The Hood 

  1. Here, here! My daughter would be in a mental institution if it weren’t for her children’s father. She tries, and is a stay-at-home mom doing all she can do to enrich her kids lives, but it gets hard when most of your daily conversation is with a one-year-old and a three-year-old. Aside from his three jobs, he spends so much quality time with the kids and eases her load tremendously. They’re all at Lego Land today and I’m babysitting the one-year-old. God bless daddies everywhere who actively participate in their kids lives.

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  2. You know Victo people like yourself who make life and death decisions 24 hours a day contribute to the health of our society immensely.Without folks like yourself, we would all be worse off. That said,you should be paid enough that you can afford a full time nanny. When you have to tell a patient that they are going to die, what the kids are wearing when they go to bed is so insignificant as to be completely under the radar. You may just spend 40 or 50 hours a week in the office but you are on call and carry the worries and concerns of your job home with you. No doubt diagnosis and other concerns are always running in the background in your head.

    Besides, I can’t remember a single time what I wore to bed when I was a kid. I remember clearly time spent with my parents, kind words spoken, help administered, love and caring, etc. All the topics you listed – supper, what they wear to bed, if the dishes are done, what they do with their free time, is all unimportant to the kids. As long as they are fed and safe, the important stuff is your love. You should try what my ex I did – carefully hire an older woman to be there part time to get them breakfast, do the dishes, meet them after school, make them supper and generally keep the house clean. It really only takes about 20 hours a week. If you pay her under the table (maybe that is not as easy there as it is here) the cost for your sanity is not that great.

    It is wonderful that your husband helps out and loves the kids so much. I won’t be popular for this opinion, but I believe that every child should,if possible, have a strong female and a strong male loving presence in their life. For alternate lifestyles, it does not have to be a spouse, it can be a friend or relative or neighbor or whatever – just as long as the kids have a loving presence and role model from each gender.

    Wishing your husband a happy Father’s Day. 😀

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    • I wrote this post in my head on the way home from the clinic last night. It was a rough day and really I just felt like mush. I had nothing left to give emotionally to anyone. I was really glad there was a dad who could step up to the plate and fill in the gaps.

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