Pests. I mean pets.

gray long haired kitten wrapped in a blanket

The kids suddenly stopped their fussing over the cranberry and Gorgonzola salmon patties with couscous and grilled asparagus on their plates. 

My ears were still ringing, though. We had already had a time out for the each of them and I was bracing myself for more. 

But no. There was silence.

Was it a miracle? Had we finally had a breakthrough? 

This is good food, kids. Come on! Just try it.

“Mommy! Someone is at the door!!!”

Then I heard it. A soft knock. I could see a shadow through the glass.

“I am not answering it. We are in the middle of dinner.” 

They stared at me, waiting for what would come next.

“Go on. Eat!”

The knock came again. This time louder and more insistent. Then again.

Fine. Fine! I’m coming….

The man spoke in broken English, explaining there was an injured cat in the street and he did not know what to do about it.

I walked out to look and there was the most pathetic looking teeny tiny gray kitten wobbling down the road. He fell on his face every other step. One of his eyes was glued shut with pus. I could see a mangled left paw and blood on the leg and torso from a large gash.

What to do?

Now my kids really want a dog. 

I don’t blame them. I have always wanted a dog myself, except that we don’t have a lifestyle that supports having a dog. Not right now, at least. Furthermore, boarding or finding a sitter for it when we are traveling is a challenge and I really don’t want to take it with us, babysitting a dog AND two small kids.

You may recall that we have had a run of interesting pets: the goldfish named Mr. Fish, the tarantula named Harry, and the lizard named Changie. 

Mr. Fish died.

Harry died.

Changie escaped during a cage cleaning and roamed the house for a few months surving probably on those giant cockroaches we get in the South, the ones that are the size of your fist. Gag. The lizard resurfaced one day. And then died.

So now we have a mangled kitten. Except he is no longer mangled. His name is Whiskers, in case you were wondering.

We will see how long this little fella lasts….


127 thoughts on “Pests. I mean pets.

  1. hey there victo – as a foster myself for years, i highly recommend fostering with an animal society in your area (the city shelter or groups like pets alive and others). you and your family get all the fun of a dog, puppy, or litter (if you’re brave) but you also get the support of a community and together it makes for a great introduction to the joys and work dogs truly are (but they’re so worth it)! p.s. take a lot of pics, kittens like puppies grow so fast (if they last πŸ˜‰ )

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  2. And I’ll be he likes the salmon… I’ve known a thing or two the kids struggled to eat that suddenly were gone. Oh yeah Dad, I just decided to eat it. The dog seemed to be glowing over my kids’ bravery at trying new foods.

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  3. Our first family pet was a cat. He lived 13 years. It’s the only cat my son will love. lol We’ve had a lizard, rats (one of the best pets ever. I loved those rats!), hamsters, mice, hermit crabs. Sometimes all at the same time. I’m glad we’ve got it down to just three dogs now (yes, I’m being sarcastic, but I love the dogs too. sigh!)

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  4. Who feeds their kids cranberry and Gorgonzola salmon patties with couscous and grilled asparagus? I would be shoving that every where too at that age. I hate salmon because we had to eat it as kids, so I am bias.
    But, from someone who has rescued animals all her life GOOD FOR YOU. Enjoy the love that animals bring.

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    • I make that for me. They are pre-made by my local seafood department. All I have to do is slap it in a skillet and YUM! I have a rule that I don’t do short order cooking unless it is sandwich night. When mamma wants cranberry Gorgonzola salmon patties, everyone gets them. πŸ˜‰

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  5. Get a medium dog kennel or crate that you can easily move around. Put small litter box in the back, then a little round bed and last the food and water bowls. Kitten should get the hang of the litter box soon. Don’t allow the children to handle kitty too much and at night put the kennel or crate in an empty bathroom or laundry room or an enclosed back porch. It takes a while for some kittens to get the hang of a litter box. Put kitten on litter and take its paws to simulate digging motions. Use clay litter (not the clumping kind) until it is about 4 months old. Only needs about 2 inches of litter. Feed a good kitten chow such as Purina or Royal Canin.

    It’s a very cute kitten that should bring enjoyment to the entire family. Bless you for taking it in and getting it well. πŸ™‚

    Sorry for giving you un-solicited advice.

    PS: Be sure no one steps on it or that the kids take it outdoors (could get lost in the tiny kitten stage).

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  6. Who can resist a bruised and beaten kitten? No one, that’s who. You did the right thing. And DO NOT get a dog. They are a tremendous amount of work, are expensive and don’t clean themselves, as that cat will. They’re like having a small child that never grows out of the high-maintenance phase.

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  7. I read most of the article on Jaroslav Flegr’s research. Thanks for the link. Pretty interesting in spite of my skepticism. I hope you can still keep Mr. Whiskers while minimizing risks.

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  8. We just lost “Fifi” the betta fish, the successor of Dr. Seuss the other betta fish. I was worried my daughter would be traumatized – first death experience and all – and she wanted to know why we couldn’t eat Dr. Seuss since we ate other fish…..

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  9. Well that sounds like it was meant to be. An injured kitten ends up at a docs house on the same night you’re trying to get the kiddo’s to eat salmon. I’m glad the kitty is doing better and I hope you have many happy years with a soon to be litter trained Whiskers. πŸ˜‰

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      • I have often heard that but I still wonder why anyway. I grew having both at home. In many years, though, I didn’t have a dog, mainly because my mother didn’t want to have one BECAUSE I was always away on weekdays and she was the one left to take care of them. She had a lot to worry about – her health, my father, my father’s health…Also, she wasn’t strong enough to handle dogs. You know how dogs are, too energetic…I only got dogs again last year, when I got married and finally had someone who could take care of dogs (we’ve had cats for many years). My parents passed away in 2012.

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