bird poop on a picnic table
Last week, wgr56 of Roman Gnomials (such a cool blog name) asked:
“Your prose and photography are both magnificent, but I’m wondering if you have connections in mind. I suppose with all art, the interpretation is best left to the viewer, but I thought perhaps you might be willing to shed a little light on your own process for pairing art with story.”

I love photography. It is the lazy way to make art. Just point and shoot. Maybe a little bit of cropping, apply a filter, and BAM! An image that will take your breath away.

I can see photographs in everything. Even the bird crap at the table I am sitting at right now…..

Some photographs are so awesome that I have to write a post to complement it. Those are the hardest. Matching words to images is tough.

Sometimes I write the post and then will find a photo that goes with it or find a title that ties the two together. A post on urine, requires a fountain. Something on sexuality might call for something phallic or vaginal. I have thousands of photos I have taken over the years so there is a ton to choose from. My favorite combinations are ones that makes me laugh. 


61 thoughts on “Picturing

  1. I love using images to compliment my poetry. Sometimes I use images to pull out a deeper emotion from the poem, one that reaches into the gut. Sometimes I use them to provide a guide to the overall emotional intent of the poem. Sometimes I use them to make a sharp turn. I can’t imagine writing without an image…It seems to make the written word three dimensional to me.

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  2. When I view a post with no image, it always feels like there is something missing. I’m so happy that you us photography to complete the feeling of your intention with a piece of writing. I also find that photographing the mundane can lead to a unique and revealing image. As one blogger recently wrote, “sometimes the greatest moments come unannounced.” I feel that way about photography. 🙂

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  3. I have thought about the photos that you choose for your posts with a sad or serious theme. I have noticed there’s always something unidentifiably sad in the photos too. The lighting, the coloring, the shade, the angle….it becomes another character in your posts and I LOVE that. Plus the images are always so beautiful.

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  4. Your pictures are excellent Victo – I’ve not seen better on the interwebs (taken by the author). I find the relationship between your photo and the post prose to be very complex and rich.

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  5. Your photos are great. As you know, I use them aa a treasure hunt, to figure out where you took it. 👀 I have used illustrations by a fellow blogger to write a story, actually two, that came floating to my ears. Never did it on photographs. Though there is a blogger who is doing amazing compositions and I just had some sort of , my dear, might actually turn out to be a character in a future story… Hmmm. A story is ringing to my ears… 😎

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